Byzantine Empire Under Justinian Essay

In the one of the articles written by Procopius.

Justinian is glorified for his many great parts mad during his reign. Justinian took what was already in the Roman Empire and fundamentally tried his best to do it better. He was successful at making so. Justinian takes the faiths that the Byzantine have and finds it rolling mistakes so he makes it stand on a steadfast foundation of a individual religion. This doesn’t weaken the land but strengthens it because it is a manner of all the citizens to come together. Justinian besides creates new metropoliss that didn’t exist before. He even strengthens the jurisprudence codes ; Justinian found some of the Torahs beliing each other so he simplifies them and creates a more cohesive codification.

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While this papers does Justinian much justness. Procopius wrote another where he speaks on the behaviour of Justinian.Procopius calls him a prevaricator. crafty. clever. hypocritical. close by disposition. and even ambidextrous.

You’d think after composing such a glorifying article about Justinian that this article would be filled with merely positive features about him. It seems whether or non he was all those awful things. he did do positive promotions to the imperium and did resuscitate the Roman Empire into the Byzantine. He took the scattered spiritual beliefs and cut them down to a individual religion as it was in Rome. In Rome there were good thought out jurisprudence codifications that the citizens clearly understood and couldn’t get confused by. Justinian took the Torahs already laid and merely clarified them in some ways like Rome.

His bequest would most probably be the resurgence of the Hagia Sophia because one time he was done with it. any and everyone who set pes in there left in awe.


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