C.L. Reaction Paper Essay

There are a lot of problems in our country involving politics and governance. Some are corruption, improper way of governing, and so on and so forth. One of the most controversial issues is bribery. Bribery is wrong because it tempts those being bribe not to do their jobs in the right way. But some cannot tend to resist bribery because they are in situations, which they need to accept it.

For example, some people being bribed receive very low amount of salary that’s why they are forced to accept it for the benefit of his/her family.Another situation is the greediness of people. There are people, who accept bribery because they want more money. They do not think about the good of their country. Last situation that shows bribery is when people are put to situations that they cannot reject it. Like what I have mentioned, corruption is one problem experienced by our country.

It has a great impact not only in our country, but also in our lives.Corruption can lead to unfinished projects for our country. It can also increase the number of people experiencing poverty in our country.

Another effect of it is that less benefit are given to the citizens of the country. Last, it could lead to the sinking of our economy. The part that struck me the most is when an official showed the funds of our government for a certain product compared to its original price, which is very astonishing to see.I was struck in this part because I realized how much money the government is gaining and the Filipino citizens are losing. To lessen the corruption existing in every part of our society, I will show the people how much is the effect of the government’s corruption through documentaries like we viewed. The church needs to be involved in this issue, because they can help in correcting the morality of the people in our government, and the following generations so that we can remove the root of our problem.


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