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At placement I feel that I am a positive role model in many different ways, some of these include, using manners, being punctual and participating in this diary I will discuss how I feel I am a positive role model.

Firstly I fell one of the most important things to teach a person is manners, especially to children. I feel by using manners not only does it show a child that you yourself are polite and professional, it also sets up a guideline for how they should talk to other people and teaches them the importance of manners.An example of my using this in practice is when I always ensure that I say please and thank you when asking a child do complete a task.

A second way that I feel I am a good role model would be being punctual, this is important and it indicates that you want to be wherever you are and shows that you’re professional in what you do. In the setting if I were to always arrive late and after the children did they may think that I am not interested in being there but it may impact them in later life as they may go on to think that being on time is not important.Another way that could be seen as being a good role model that you may not necessarily think of straight away would be being hygienic. This includes washing your hands after sneezing and using the bathroom as well as coming to the setting clean and showered. Ensuring that you wash you hands after sneezing is important and it stops the spread of harmful germs and shows the children good behavior. Coming to the setting clean and showered is particularly important as practitioners and children alike will not want to work with someone who is not clean and it also gives of a professional approach to work.Being respectful is also a way I feel I am a good role model to children, this is important as again it shows children the correct way to behavior, as a practitioner you should treat children as other people as you would like to be treated, a child is not going to want to interact with you if you don’t show them respect.

An example of me showing respect to teach it to the children would be when talking to the other practitioners in the setting I always ensure I call them by the name the children do.A final way I feel I am a good role model to children in the setting is by making sure I take part in any activities they’re doing. This is important as it shows that the task the children are doing is worth doing. If for instance I was to stand at the side during a P. E the children may feel that they don’t have to take part because I am not and also that the activities they’re doing are pointless.

This way is also good for directing children in what they’re doing as they can also use what the practitioner is doing as a visual aid to make sure they’re doing something right.


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