Cain’s Concept of True Success: Appreciating Happiness Essay

Cain’s Concept of True Success: Appreciating Happiness            “Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success; if you love what you are doing, you will be successful”, such are the words of Herman Cain. Considering the achievements of Cain in numerous fields, it would only be logical to believe in the truthfulness and appropriateness of such a statement if he himself followed it throughout his life. Basically though, the abovementioned notion is not difficult to understand and appreciate; in essence, it emphasizes that passion is indeed essential in achieving success.

Passion not in trying to achieve a given goal, but rather in being involved in accomplishing such and making each and every effort exerted throughout the pursuit count. One should be able to find satisfaction in a given entire experience or task, not only in the possibility of eventually achieving the rewards associated with it. Most importantly, Cain’s words highlight the fact that focusing entirely on achieving what most would consider as success, without placing importance upon one’s happiness, would only lead to a meaningless or empty victory.Without doubt, Cain’s statement may be directly applied to both everyday life and job related tasks. In the context of daily life, people should learn to identify and pursue activities which interest them the most. In relation to this, learning to find satisfaction in seeming mundane chores by focusing on more its appealing aspects may actually bring forth a myriad of beneficial outcomes. Furthermore, Cain’s words do make sense in the context of internships.

In my case, being an intern at Tailwaiters, I do tasks and objectives not in a mechanical manner but in a way that involves true satisfaction. For example, bringing completeness to events should bring forth a sense of accomplishment; furthermore, being instrumental in establishing a positive client perception for Tailwaiters should also induce feelings of happiness and worth. As I already exhibit such, finding contentment in my tasks not solely from rewards and achievements, it is gratifying to know that I may already be pursuing the correct path towards true success similar to the path that Herman Cain followed.


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