Can you tell us about a small-town Christmas? – Free Online Library Essay

Have you ever visited a small town in the West that has an especially
memorable Christmas season? Or perhaps you live in such a place.

Sunset is looking for Western towns with strong holiday traditions
or events that visitors can watch or join–sleigh rides, caroling,
dramas, concerts. These towns may have a main street with old buildings
and pleasing Yuletide decorations, or pleasant places to shop, dine, and

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Towns that Sunset editors and photographers visited last year
included Sandpoint, Idaho, a snow-filled logging town jingling with
horse-drawn sleigh and trolley rides; and Palmer Lake, Colorado, where
townfolk and visitors search for a Yule log hidden in the nearby hills.

Along California’s coast, late 1800s Arroyo Grande hosts a
lively version of Charles Dickens’ A christmas Carol. And in
southeastern Arizona, the mining town of Bisbee styles itself as a
“Santa’s Workshop” with daily December events.

If you know of other towns with such attractions, please write to
small-town Christmas Report, Sunset Magazine, 80 Willow Rd., Menlo Park,
Calif. 94025.


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