Canada in the Great Depression Sample Essay

The whole universe was affected enormously by the great depression. but Canada was one of the hardest hit states. Exports being a big portion of Canada’s income. it was because of the harm done to universe trade that Canada suffered so greatly. At the tallness of the depression. in 1933. 30 % of the labour force was unemployed and 20 % of all Canadians were dependent on authorities alleviation for endurance. Did the authorities do plenty to repair this? Most people surely didn’t think so. The alleviation that the authorities provided for households was non satisfactory. The alleviation cantonments for individual. unemployed work forces were a complete muss. Both Prime Minister Bennett and King didn’t treat the depression every bit earnestly as they should hold.

As the unemployment rate skyrocketed. net incomes dropped during the depression but the cost for life dropped faster. So although most people in Canada were confronting really hard times during the great depression. there were still people who were populating life as if the depression had ne’er come. some were even better off than they had been earlier. Those with no occupations were ever in hunt for a agency of endurance. believing on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing. The Government. alternatively of seeking to bridge the spread between the rich and the hapless about wholly ignored the job. The surging unemployment rate was an unmarked. and the federal authorities gave the provincial authorities the duty to get by with it. This lead to farther jobs as the states were non able to manage this crisis. particularly the 4 west states. The Americans chose a different path. They created occupations more occupations and this elevated the morale of the American people. Their consequences were much better than those of Canada.

What the provincial authorities established as alleviation for households was wholly improper. To derive the alleviation there were unpointed awkward processs involved such as taking telephone from your house and turning in your spirits license and driver’s licence. Relief rates given to households varied greatly. anyplace from $ 3. 50 in one metropolis to $ 8. 50 in another. This was nowhere near to what was required to raise a household in those yearss.

The federal authorities set up many alleviation cantonments across the state for unemployed work forces. These work forces were expected to work 44 hours on such undertakings as edifice roads or seting trees in a hebdomad and were given 20 cents a twenty-four hours allowance. 3 repasts a twenty-four hours and a topographic point to kip. The cantonments were set up so as to maintain these immature work forces off from the metropoliss they would hang approximately. where they were considered a possible danger to the community instead than for their benefit.

The state of affairs and fortunes in the United States were non much different from those of Canada at that clip. but the U. S. authorities tried to minimise the poorness in the great depression while the Canadian authorities hardly did anything to halt the job. The people at the clip were really unsated by what their authorities was making to assist them. There would hold been much better consequences if the authorities had chosen to seek and assist the people through a hard clip.


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