Canada VS US Education Essay

March 1, 2014 C,’AM 200 Education As a college student, I see one of the most Important things to be education. When I was younger, I never thought of education, I was a kid and I Just wanted to have fun.

However, as I get older and more involved in education, I realize how Important It is for everyone regardless of age, sex, gender or race. Education is one of those things in life that matters to everyone, it is how you build you basis around life. It is where you learn to do everything and figure out who you are going to be as a person later on in life.I believe that education is one of the most important aspect to a person ND is something that should never be over looked. Even when I have children, I want to make sure they are getting the best education that they can. So curiosity led me to find out more about the Canadian education system compared to the US education system. The US and Canada have a lot of difference but they have a lot of similarities as well.

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Education is free as long as it’s in the public school and you start out in elementary school. For the past twelve years It has been this way along with high- school.Depending on the territory in Canada, it hasn’t quite been as long. For example, in Quebec It has been eleven years Instead of twelve. In either country there is no restrains on who can attend school, everyone has equal opportunity (Haring).

This is probably one of the most important things considering every child should be able to go to school and get the same chance as everyone else. Although the education is free in both countries, their funding is completely different. The education system In the US Is ran by the US department of education under the government while the Canadian education system is the Ministries of Education.There are many associations that are Involved with their education Including: Canadian Teachers’ Federation, Canadian Education Association and the Canadian School Boards Associations. Each one of these plan together to try and make sure that students excel while they are in school. As posted by the CASABA, “Results from the PISA 2006 Canadian Report revealed that Canadian students are top performers internationally in reading, math and science.

Out of the 57 reporting countries, Canada ranked 3rd in science, 4th in reading, and 6th in math” (CASABA).Although Canadian students do extremely well internationally, they lack in student management in the classroom. In us, students usually start first grade at the age of SIX. Kindergarten and preschool is up to parents, most starting preschool as early as three then starting kindergarten at age five. Children are In school up until eighteen, when high-school Is over and then have the chance to attend college if they are interested. Depending on the region in Canada, not everyone is eighteen when they are finished with school.

The post popular age range is from six to sixteen.In Ontario and New Brunswick it is extended to eighteen like In the US. There are some parts throughout Canada who Canadian, you have to have a certain type of degree/diploma whereas in the US, there is no certain type of type, Just general high-school curriculum based on each high-school (Haring).

Both countries take education seriously, and try to make sure everyone is able to go to school after high-school. For those families who are not wealthy enough to afford college, student grants and loans are offered to those who want to attend a college.Many of the loans that are offered to students do not have to be paid off until after they have graduated so they are not having to worry about it while they are going through school.

Whether it being a community college or a university, each student files financial aid so they are eligible to go to school. Financial in the US is decided by the government based on your parents income and credit. A lot of the times if your parent has good income and credit, then they will be offered to take out a parent loan rather than putting it on the student.

As a college student, I am so thankful that both the US and Canada are able to give students this. Even though I do not attend a Canadian school, I wouldn’t want any person to not have the chance to be able to get a higher education. I myself have struggled with trying to figure out how to pay everything and if it was not for financial aid I probably would not be in school right now. Aside from the cost of tuition, there is still the expense of textbooks, housing, food and transportation. Depending on the school, the cost can range anywhere from 10,000-50,000 dollars per year in the US and average out at about 5,000 dollars in Canada.It is still cheaper for an American to attend a university in Canada rather than in the US because it is still only about 12,000-25,000 dollars which is lower than the average cost of a university in the US. However, if an American student wants to attend a Canadian Universities, it is most likely that they will have to get scholarships because US grants do not apply there and they don’t do merit grants.

(Wandered). If these countries were not able to over loans or grants, it would be very hard to go college and get a degree.Although both countries have universities and financial aid, the process and the actual schooling is very different. In Canada, the admission process is very basic, they base if off of your grades and an admissions essay. Those two things alone are what will decide if someone is excepted or not.

In the US, those things are looked as well UT there are many more aspects to being admitting. Most colleges want to look at your transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, admissions essay/questions, extracurricular activities, and letter of recommendations. I can definitely vouch for the fact that US colleges have a very long application process.I applied to quite a few colleges and there would be a lot of work put into it and it would also cost quite a bit of money. Especially if you are applying to a college that you do not live in, they will charge more for the application fee.

You also have to worry about sending all the materials that the colleges want to each individual one. A lot of the things you have to send them costs money, Just for one copy. So if you are wanting to send many colleges copies, that cost will soon become more that you thought.

It is very time consuming and can get costly when everything is added up.Considering you won’t know right away if you get into a school, you have to apply to many to make sure you will at least get into one. In Canada, they have a common application that is used where you can to each college they want go to separately then the rest (Wandered). While applying to a college in Canada is different then a school in the US, so is the allege itself. In the US, the university has specific programs/major that students try to get into that they want to major in.

Usually the college well have quite a few majors, minors and certificates.Students will only apply to the schools that have the subject they want or else it is pointless to attend. Before they are able to start taking classes for the major, they have to take Gurus that are like general classes. When attending a school in Canada is more like an American style community college. It is hard to find a college in Canada where you can get your bachelors. Of course it is Seibel Just less likely to find.

Almost all colleges in Canada are public, but in the US there are many that are private. The colleges that do that the bachelors degree, takes four years to complete, same as in the US.Canada does offer a three year program for a bachelor degree as well called honors bachelor degrees. However, if an American tries to attend a college in Canada because of that, it is not always the smartest thing to do. Yes, it will cost less tuition since you will only be attending three years but it does not meet all the same requirements you would need to get into a radiate school back in the states. So in the end, it would Just end up putting you behind and would have to pay even more or not be able to continue on with your education.However, for Canadian students who plan to stay in Canada, tend to want to study the three year course rather than go four.

It is very popular for students (Wandered). For students in the US like me, it can only take two years to get your bachelors through a program called running start. Running starts gives you the opportunity to get your associates degree in your last two years of high-school while still getting your high-school credits as well.

This will make it to where when you go to a university you will be able to start off taking classes that focus on their major because they already have all their general classes out of the way.This can also help school be less costly considering when you do running start you do not have the pay the tuition, Just fees which is only around $200 per quarter instead of thousands so you Just end up paying for two years at a university instead of four. Both countries try to find different ways to give their students opportunities to get their degrees faster and cheaper, aside from going in debt in college loans.

After looking at the differences and similarities between Canada and the US, I see that they really are not that much different.As weird as it may sound, I never really thought of Canada being all that different that the US Just because I feel like they are our neighbors. The more and more research I do about them, I realize that they really are different but we also have a lot of the same issues going on.

Everyone wants to make sure that the education is the best that it can be, because it is what shapes a child and who they will be the rest of their lives. Both countries have taken into inconsideration that there are things that need to be improved as well as things that are going smoothly.As Leslie Sailcloth the producer of “Waiting for Superman” says, “Even if you don’t have kids, you should care about public education… If we want to solve global warming, poverty, health care and the economy, we need to have an educated society.

Education is ground zero for tackling all these issues. ” (Sailcloth). She is absolutely right, education should be the number one thing is many people’s important, probably because I am going through it right now. When I have children I ill want them to have the best education they can get, no matter if it’s in the US or in Canada.When it comes done to it, there really is not anything more important that education. Work Cited CASABA. “Education System Similarities & Differences between Canada & United States.

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