cancun-muy biggest love

Have you ever dream of going to other places?! I have always dreamed of travel the world and I really think that being able to visit a different country, learn a different language, taste new flavours, interact with other culture it’s a unique experience.

Things to know about CancunMexico is an amazing place to visit or live, specially Cancun-MY BIGGEST LOVE! Has an amazing location on Yucatan Peninsula (where an asteroid hit Earth 65 million years ago ) the centre of the Mayan civilization and has an amazing landscape that takes your breath.The weatherThe weather…is gorgeous most of the time.

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The climate is semi-tropical, all year round humid and HOT.So, girls, we have to get ready to deal with the hair by making sure is well-moisturized.The beachMiles of warm white sand beaches with the gorgeous ocean can transform your holiday into a magic experience.Imagine how it feels touching the sand with your feet, swimming in crystal indigo sea, or just relaxing in a hammock admiring the beautiful nature around you.How lucky you would be!Grab your bikini and let’s get pampered !!How much Spanish should we know?The official language is Spanish, but many locals speak the native language Maya.Even if I am Romanian and living on the other side of the world, I do speak Spanish since I am seven years old.Many people would like to know some basic words when travelling abroad.You don’t need to know much but is always a good way to interact with locals which can help to improve your ability to communicate in another language.

..In this way, you can always make new friends and share your knowledge.Let’s learn some Spanish!Hola! – Hello!Como Estas? – How are you?Gracias! – Thank you!No entiendo.-  I don’t understandYo no hablo inglés.

– I don’t speak English.Cuanto cuesta? – How much is it?Me pueda ayudar por favor?- Could you please help me?Tiene usted Habitaciones disponibles?- Do you have any rooms available?Al Aeropuerto por favor! – To the airport, please!Dónde está el centro comercial /playa/ restaurante/ más cercano?- Where is the nearest shopping center/ beach/ restaurant?La cuenta ,por favor! – The check, please!Donde hay un cajero automatico? – Where is there an atm, please?And for who loves the traditional Mexican beer , they must learn how to ask for it: Una chelada por favor!El Emporio de las EmpanadasWhen it comes to Mexican food, there is no doubt that it is the richest and most tasty of the Caribbean. But if you go to Cancun, you have to eat the most exquisite empanadas in the world., The Emporium of Empanadas (Uruguayan) is the best place to taste. Established for more than 15 years, not only was the first of its kind but still the best.

Its quality is Unmatched as well as its accompanied flavour of the traditional chimichurri.Xcaret Archeological Zone We can find the ruins of the city of Xcaret, which was the scene of an important commercial port called Pole. Here were found human remains from the third century.Xcaret’s environment is a natural refuge for many species in the region. The park allows visitors to appreciate each species without disturbing them from their natural habitat: crocodiles, spider monkeys, flamingos, racoons or howler monkeys.Chan Tamam -Biopark and animal shelterIf you love animals and would like to spend a day taking care of them and enjoy the things that this place offers you almost for free, then you have to visit this magnificent place.

There you can live unique experiences interacting with nature and with many animals. Chan Tamam is a ranch about 15 minutes from the city to Mérida. They offer shelter to battered or captive animals and you have the opportunity to experience how to care for and offer a little bit of your love to helpless creatures.

The place is huge that allows you to practice all the sports that are carried out on this great adventure.When you arrive, there is a guide who will tell everything you want to know about the place.What I like most about this park is that they not require as many tourist places to buy drinks and food. They let you enter your own food if you don’t afford to spend extra money. Address: street Costera del Golfo, Quintana Roo, MéxicoTime: : 9:00 am – 18:00 pmPhone nr : +52 998 884 2530Ancient sacred Mayan Crossing Xcaret is the most interesting theme park in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera, but visiting it in the middle of the sacred Mayan Crossing can seem a dream come true.

The Sacred Mayan Voyage is the ritual that the Mayan civilization paddled with its canoes to Cozumel, in order to worship the goddess Ixchel-Mayan Goddess of the moon, of the fertility and the Tides.The trip does not only serve to enjoy a natural sanctuary, wildlife of the Mayan jungle and live shows but also to see how the brave canoe face their fears.The inauguration ceremony of the Sacred Mayan The voyage consists of a series of ‘ surprises ‘.

The Mayan rituals to ignite the fire of creation, the representative dance, the blessing of the Turtles that will be offered and the process of honouring and the three stones of the bonfire.Day 1In the sanctuary of the island, they offer to the goddess Ixchel presents and petitions. People change in pre-Hispanic clothes and you can interact with characters of time that generates an old Mexico.Day 2The farewell ceremony of the canoe and messages of the oracle of Ixchel accompanied by petitions and gifts.The people of the island comfort and nourish them after a long voyage by the sea.

Day 3In the last day of the crossing the ceremony of dismissed of the canoe ends. It recreates one of the most spectacular prehispanic adventures with an inestimable value for the Mayan civilization.My advice is that if someday you will have the opportunity to be in this fantastic place and you think of doing something you never did, or just want to experience how it lived before such an old culture, then be part of the sacred Mayan Crossing and live an experience that will be etched in your mind forever!Cancun is not a place where you can get bored easily.Has so many things to do, depends on us how we want to add value to our experience.It is an introspective journey for those who love nature, the mystery of a vanished world and who want to discover themselves in this amazing place.


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