CAPE Past Paper questions Sample Essay

Question 1
Weber conceptualized that organisations would be managed on an impersonal. rational footing. Weber called this signifier of organisation a bureaucratism. a. Outline FO UR features of a bureaucratism as specified by Weber. ( 8 Markss ) B. Discuss FOUR deductions of “Weber’s bureaucracy” on today’s concern organisation. ( 17 Markss )

Question 2
( a ) Define EACH of the direction maps: planning. forming. taking. commanding. ( 8 Markss )
( B ) Explain how the application of EACH map of direction would assist Miss Good Cook to run her eating house more efficaciously. ( 17 Markss ) Question 3

John the director of KPJ Co. Ltd has been described by his workers as a “participative leader” .
( a ) Define the term “participative leader” . ( 3 Markss )
( B ) Discuss TWO advantages and TWO disadvantages of the participative leading manner.
( 16 Markss )
( degree Celsius ) Outline THREE state of affairss in which the participative manner of leading would be utile to KPJ Co. Ltd. ( 6 Markss ) Question 4
Motivation of subsidiaries is an of import facet of a manager’s occupation. ( a ) Examine THREE factors that motivate a individual to work good. ( 13 Markss ) ( B ) Identify and measure FOUR stairss directors may take to actuate subsidiaries. ( 12 Arks )

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Question 5
( a ) Distinguish between leading accomplishments and leading functions. giving illustrations of each. ( 4 Markss )
( B ) Communication. Consideration. planning. coaching and inspiring are some behaviors expected of effectual leaders. Describe EACH of the foregoing behavior. ( 10 Markss )
( degree Celsius ) With the assistance of illustration. Discourse the function of each in effectual leading. ( 11 Markss )

Question 6
( a ) Identify TWO ways in which a transnational company may hold to accommodate its operations to
suit Caribbean concern environment. Explain the principle for. and the possible effects of t EACH version on the company. ( 17 Markss )

( B ) Discuss FOUR fortunes under which province control of private endeavor is justified. ( 8 Markss ) Question 7
Mr. Tyre is faced with TWO options. whether to spread out his bing auto fixs concern or to
Buy a franchise ; as a solution to the job.
The followers are stairss in the decision-making procedure.
( I ) Define the job
( two ) Analysis
( three ) Execution
( four ) Evaluation
( a ) Discuss how each measure above may help Mr. Tyre in make up one’s minding which of the TWO options to take from. ( 16 Markss ) ( B ) Explain ONE manner in which EACH of the undermentioned environmental factors may impact Mr. Tyre’s auto fix concern: Globalization

Information Technology
Government ordinances
( 9 Markss )
Question 8
( a ) What are the chief differences between the populace limited company and a private limited Company. ( 3 Markss ) ( B ) Identify and depict THREE paperss that must be completed to register a company. ( 6 Markss ) ( degree Celsius ) What are three benefits of a co-operative. ( 3 Markss ) ( vitamin D ) Identify the differences between a public corporation and a populace limited company. ( 4 Markss ) ( vitamin E ) Define the footings: ( I ) Limited liability

( two ) Sleeping spouse
( three ) Business program ( 6 Markss )


ATTEMPT ALL inquiries.
Question FIVE to be researched for TUESDAY’S category.
Questions ONE and THREE are to be completed and manus in on FRIDAY. Responses to be typed and presented in a fictile booklet. You are to utilize a screen page as shown below. Besides include at least THREE beginnings ( guarantee you document your beginnings accurately )


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