Car Insurance For Teenagers Is Too High Essay

It may come to your attention that the vast increase of car insurance is becoming financially catastrophic.

Hopefully you, as the insurance paying parents of your beloved teenage son/daughter will consider my pessimistic attitude towards insurance premiums as I reveal true facts and opinions during this article, facts that merely disgust me as I hope to change the stereotype towards how society perceives the modern day teenagers as ‘teenage boy racers. ” In the 1980’s, car insurance was roughly ?160 for each 17 year old driver once they had passed their test.Compared with today, this is considered ‘peanuts’; 17 year old drivers who’ve now passed the law required driving test are expected to pay a minimum of an exorbitant ?5000 on a car that is just as old as my grandfathers pair of slippers! However, research has suggested to us that there are few teenage drivers involved in accidents.

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Statistics show that ‘teenage male drivers account for 1. 4% of accidents’; almost one in 5 driver’s teenage drivers ‘cause an accident’ in their first years of driving. However, what about that other 4/5?Why should we allow these small minority of idiot boy racers, effect the chances of the rest of the teenage youth the opportunity to drive a car and offer the chance to change the stereotype that the older generation has of us? Drivers aged between 17-24 accounted for 44% of accidents in 2002, whereas drivers aged between 25-50 accounted for the other 56%, causing almost a significant balance; so I end up finding myself asking the question why young people aged 17-24 are having to endure car insurance quotes that are almost 10 times as costly as those aged 25-50!As we can imagine, students of these ages will more tha likely be in education and so are still being funded by their parent/guardian, which is why i am writing to express my views to you now, as the insurance payer.

60% of guardians of children aged between 17-24 say they cannot afford the car insurance; this astonishing figure is increasing by an average of 3% every year. Astoundingly, only one quarter of parents couldn’t afford car insurance for their child, whereas now this scenario is more than half.False stereotypes suggest teenage drivers are “Dangerous” and “Irresponsible” mostly aimed at young male drivers regardless of their background, education, environment and personality. You – as a youth – are labelled by a naive society as a “boy-racer” and as figures suggest earlier, 60% of this population cannot afford the opportunity to prove society wrong. Should opportunities not be given, before such prejudice acquisitions are made? We, as the general public are limited by what we can and cannot do with regards to law enforcement, monitored by the Police of our community.The Police however, are also guilty of injustice, as in 2008, the daily mail distributed an article consisting of an observational study by a man named Jeremy Broughton, the study was an investigation to decipher the older the person was, whether it contributed to leniency by the police, Jeremy then posted his conclusion to the daily mail – ‘Police would have a mental image of the sort of person they were expecting to stop and if it was an elderly lady they wouldn’t look at her in the same way as a young male’ Clearly the way in which society perceive an old lady in comparison to a young male, are not on the same level, but the difference between innocence and trouble-makers. This is unacceptable in our society and we should all be treated equal as the law applies to us all, without the exception of a person’s age.

Can I also bring to your attention another problem with our society in the modern day era, is the gender discrimination insurance policies are guilty of; as insurance policies are offered cheaper to women than men, so a women of a young age could be offered ?1500 to drive a Vauxhall Corsa lets say, where as a male of the same age could be offered ?3000 so what makes this acceptable just because of somebody’s gender? Those who have children approaching the age of 17 and fully intend to book lessons/ driving test or even purchase a car for them, will have done their research into car insurance and will be fully aware of the current climate and the situation regarding the recession, as unemployment is a big issue at the moment, it has lead to thousands of families on the dole and not a penny to spare.This effect is obviously impacting on children, as parents are less likely to spend for instance, ?3000 on a second hand car, and then a further ?6000 for insurance, aswel as on-average statistic ?1000 for their child to learn to drive, as the average annual income of a family in the UK is currently ?14000 and declining. Actions need to be taking immediately to implement a change of function, if we allow society to continue in regards to insurance companies, they will amplify hysterically, arguably to the point where driving is rein destined to the age of 21, or maybe higher ! Now for children studying at university, work, or for social appliances , driving will almost be a necessity as the cost of public transport is rapidly increasing, on top of this there are university fees, which people can’t afford to pay as well as these other costs; leading us to the conclusion that it is not too late to dissent now!


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