Career Goal Essay

Have you ever heard “Making career goals is a part of your everyday life”, “Mapping your career path”? All of them are about how to set up a career goal. My career goal is being a news reporter. Set a career goal need to think about how to make your life meaningful and fulfill to your life. Being a news reporter is not a easy job, no high salary, 24hours on call, report news cannot have too much mistakes, report news must be impersonally, no subjective opinions are added on your reporting news.

I have heard too much friends told these difficulties to me, but I don’t think these difficulties are hard to achieve, I really think this job must be meaningful because the public can heat the news from mine. When I was small, I watched the television that the news reporters report; I have dreamed that I can report the news to the public one day. Finally I choose journalism to my concentration; my dream may come true very soon.

I know for the long term career, change is the rule of the world, and it is only the way to increase my knowledge, so how can I change? Pay effort! For examples, always read newspaper, listen to radio to constantly increase my knowledge, that’s can make me grow as professional. Finally I want to say having a successful job, planning a clear goal is a must. So have you set up your career goals? This is all my presentation, thank you!


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