Carefour in China Essay

SIM 336 Strategic Management Part 1 How is Carrefour so successful in China? How is the Carrefour successful in China? From 1995, December Carrefour entry Chinese market opened the first store in Beijing. Now Carrefour China already had 206 stores in 64 Chinese cities, employing more than 58,000 people. As many as 98 percent of the store managers and 50 percent of the regional managers are Chinese.

Now Carrefour is one of the biggest Hypermarkets in china. China market is an intense competition of Hypermarkets.Facing the strong rival like Wal-mart, Tesco and local supermarket, how is Carrefour successful in China? I will utilize the compare theory and practice approach to analysis the Carrefour successful in china. 1) At first, I will give an introduction for my report. In the introduction, I will talk about the structure of report and give my personal reason about the target of my assessment. 2) Followed by a company background is present the development of Carrefour in China. 3) And then, analysis the Carrefour about internal and external environment: 3.

) Use the model to analysis the external environment of Carrefour. (Porter’s five force, Pestle) 3. 2) Use the model to analysis the internal environment of Carrefour and analysis the practice work in the Carrefour.

(Porter’s Value Chain) 4) Use the SWOT model to summary the key issue from the Carrefour business environment. 5) Conclusion of all section. Summary the key factors drive the successful of Carrefour in china. And point out the shortage side of Carrefour. 6) About the shortage, give the recommendation how to solve.

How is Carrefour so successful in China? 1. Introduction (200 words) 2. Company background (100 words) 3. Business environment analysis 3. 1External environment 3.

11 PESTLE (800 words) 3. 12 Porter’s five forces (500 words) 3. 2 Internal environment 3. 21 Porter’s Value Chain (1000words) 4. SWOT (300 words) 5.

Conclusion (100 words) 6. Recommendation (150 words) Total: 3,150 words


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