Carnival Corporation: A Comprehensive Analysis Sample Essay

Vision Consulting has conducted a thorough rating of Carnival Corporation.

Our ultimate end in carry oning this rating is to supply recommendations to Carnival Corporation in order to help the company in obtaining a competitory advantage in the market. every bit good as supplying schemes to help the house in surpassing its rivals.Our squad has examined the mission statement of the company. every bit good as current schemes. ends and visions that the company presently has in topographic point. Additionally. we conducted a thorough internal and external audit analysis of the company.

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This analysis includes the chances and challenges confronting the company. every bit good as the strengths and failings that the company presently possesses. Below. you will happen an overview of Carnival Corporation.

including a brief concern range. You will besides happen the internal and external audits conducted by our house.After thorough consideration of the internal and external audit of Carnival Corporation. Vision Consulting determined several chances available to the company. You will happen these chances listed below.

It was so determined which chances available to the company could hold the possibility of execution. Those chances which our squad felt were feasible aims were considered as possible company aims. You will happen the “pros” and “cons” of each aim listed below in the “Strategic Aims and Relative Evaluations” subdivision.

The “pros” and “cons” of each aim were evaluated. Vision Consulting reviewed the aims and has recommended several of the aims for strategic execution within Carnival Corporation. The strategic execution of each aim recommended for acceptance is discussed in the “Strategy Implementation” subdivision. Besides included is a balanced scorecard for the corporation.Carnival Corporation Mission Statement“Our mission is to present exceeding holiday experiences through the world’s best-known sail trade names that cater to a assortment of different life styles and budgets. all at an outstanding value unrivaled on land or at sea.

”Evaluation of Mission StatementA elaborate rating of the company’s mission statement was conducted to entree the effectivity of the mission statement. The undermentioned factors were considered:* Does the mission statement indicate a method of value creative activity?Yes. The mission statement indicates that the company will make value by presenting exceeding holiday experiences. providing to a assortment of life styles and by being the low cost supplier.* Does the mission statement indicate the company’s chief merchandise or service?Slightly.

The mission statement indicates that the company “delivers exceeding holiday experiences” but does non bespeak that the primary service is a sail. However. the word “cruise” is mentioned within the statement.

The mission statement makes it evident what the primary concern of the company is.* Does the mission statement address the geographical country of service?Slightly. The diction of the mission statement makes it look that the company is already well-established and good known around the universe. taking the reader to believe that the company services the whole universe. Specific geographical countries are non mentioned.

Company Objectives. Strategies & amp ; Core CompetencesThe market scheme of Carnival Cruise is to make more valuable client relationships and add value by supplying quality sails. Carnival Cruise lines appears to be deriving market portion by advancing the ship as a finish holiday and by run intoing the diverse fiscal demands of their clients. The company’s client keeping continues to turn and better.

and Carnival Cruise Lines has had positive successes in pulling extra clients.Carnival Cruise Lines continues to profit from their diversified concern mix. A new aim of the company is the committedness to doing the sail experience exciting for their clients. Carnival Corporation is besides committed to supplying satisfaction and value to its current and past clients with the outlook that new clients will get to board the Carnival Cruise ships and see the “Fun Ship” first manus.One of the company’s most of import strategic ends is to keep their leading and market portion in the sail line market. Aims in order to keep their leading in the market are:* To run into the specific demands. and cater to.

single client sections. ( Based on client demographics. ) Carnival Cruise clients profile showed that about 30 % were between the ages of 25 and 39. with family incomes of $ 25. 000 to $ 50. 000. This is the mark market for Carnival Corporation.

* The company is be aftering to put over $ 6 billion in new ships by 2005.* To keep satisfaction rates with current clients.* Uphold the “Fun Ship” subject. which has been present since the outgrowth of the company.Schemes presently in topographic point to run into aims:* Contemporary. Premium and Luxury holidaies are in operation to provide to the specific desires of their diverse client base.* Company is keeping working relationships with ship builders and providers. for the intent of procuring contracts for new sail line drives.

* Continue with current selling schemes to advance Carnival as the “Fun Ship” and to take advertisement towards the company’s mark market.The company’s merchandise placement is comprised of three sections with different rider demographics. rider features ( including income degree ) . and growing demands. In order to transcend these sections. Carnival Cruise Lines must to obtain certain cardinal accomplishments or competences. that will increase their client relationships and add extra value to their clients.

Core Competences:In order for a accomplishment to be considered a nucleus competence. the accomplishment must run into three trials: Customer value. rival distinction and extendibility. The undermentioned accomplishments possessed by Carnival Corporation are considered core competences:* All inclusive holiday Packages. The company uses three. four.

or seven twenty-four hours reasonably monetary value sails to suit the clip and budget restraints of their in-between category clients.– Shorter cruises cost less than $ 500 per individual ( depending on adjustments ) .– Longer cruises cost up to $ 3. 000 per individual.* Extensive selling and public dealingss with independent travel agents to assist advance sails and further their selling schemes.* Carnival Corporation is well-known for their exceeding client service.

on and off of the sail. For illustration. it has been noted by clients that the amahs on the ship are so attentive. if you leave for room for merely a minute. the bed will be turned when you return.Schemes presently in topographic point to run into aims:* Contemporary.

Premium and Luxury holidaies are in operation to provide to the specific desires of their different client sections.* Company is keeping working relationships with ship builders and providers.* Continue with selling schemes to advance Carnival as the “Fun Ship. ” Company to a great extent markets holiday publicities.* Several undertakings are afoot with the Cunard and Costa sail lines to supply the largest health and fittingness centres on a sail ship.

This is an project non yet done by chief rival Royal Caribbean.Business ScopeCarnival Cruise lines is in the concern of supplying guest with the same experience of a land holiday while at sea. Offering exceeding holiday experiences at outstanding monetary values has drastically contributed to doing Carnival Cruise lines the most profitable company in the leisure travel industry.

Operating under the Carnival Cruise Lines are 8 different extensions of sail companies. Which are the undermentioned: Carnival Cruise Lines. Princess Cruise. Holland American Line. Seabourn Cruise Lines. Windstar Sail Cruise. Cunard.

and Costa Cruise. Together. these member lines portion a committedness to quality and value.

offering sail holidaies that appeal to a broad scope of life styles and budgets and canvas to some of the world’s most exciting finishs.Carnival Cruise Lines is the most popular and most profitable sail line in the universe. The Carnival Cruise Lines are known as the “Fun Ships” designed to run into your all around demands in enjoyment and exhilaration. Carnival ships sail to finishs in the Bahamas. Canada. the Caribbean. the Mexican Riviera. New England.

the Panama Canal. Alaska. and Hawaii with most sails runing from 3 to 7 yearss. The typical guest aboard these ships are vacationists that love to hold merriment and like taking household holidaies where everyone can happen something to make. Carnival Cruise Lines fit more into the modern-day section of the sail market.Holland American Line is the unchallenged leader in the premium sail sector. The premium cruising section is serviced by Holland American lines and it is designed to appeal to the more flush clients.

Holland is positioned to the higher-income travellers with sail monetary values averaging 25 % – 35 % more than similar sails.Seabourn Cruise Lines has 3 suite ships in operation: Pride. Spirit. and Legend. Seabourn Cruise lines offers riders with the highest degree of individualized service. Each guest aboard these ships experience holding their ain individualized staff member at there beckon call.

They have award winning service. The typical invitee that holidaies aboard Seabourn ships are good seasoned travellers who want the “best of the best” . They tend to avoid larger ships and are frequent invitee at sole hotels and resorts. Seabourn services the ultra-luxury market with finishs in South America. the Mediterranean.

Southeast Asia. and the Baltics.The subject of Windstar Cruise is “180 grades from Ordinary” . This line of sail ships is in the concern of making a romantic ambiance of ship seafaring. Windstar is a household of 3 fleet sailing ships that are all motor-sail-yachts ; Wind Song. Wind Spirit.

and Wind Surf. The typical guest aboard these yachts are modern-day sail vacationists. 1/3 of whom are 1st clip patrol cars.

They sail to alien and challenging finishs. Windstar Cruise services the forte sailing sail section.Cunard is a portion of the luxury section of cruising. Cunard’s celebrated fleets of drifting castles have reined the seas. stand foring the pinnacle of nautical accomplishment and the ether of luxury travel. Guest that holiday with Cunard’s lines of sails are those that love the sea and relish traditional elegance.

They are typically good traveled and have the leisure to indulge in season long sojourns to alien kingdoms. More than half of Cunard’s invitees reside outside North America. peculiarly in Britain and Europe.


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