Cars Advertisement Analysis Essay

In this task I am going to analyse two adverts that I have seen on television. The adverts that I have chosen to complete this task are both car adverts. The first advert is of the new Renault Clio and the second is off the Volkswagon Passat.Advertising companies such as Morgan’s choose to advertise on television due to the fact that in Britain over 60,000,000 Britons watch television. This shows the size of the market that can be targeted by advertising on television and the potential of the audience.Television advertising is arguably the most expensive form of advertising. A 30 seconds advertisement at peak time in between for example Coronation Street can cost up to £700,000.

This is because as Coronation Street is a very popular programme there will have over 14,000,000 viewers therefore the broadcasters know the advert will reach a very wide audience therefore they can charge more and companies such as Renault will pay more.Another method used by T.V. advertisement companies is famous people. An example of this is David Beckham.

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As David is a very famous footballer and recognised all over the world for his football and looks companies such as Gillette used David to promote their shaving razors. Celebrities are used because the public see them as role models and have an influence over decisions made by fans. If the public see their role model using a certain product then they are more likely to buy the product due to the fact that they will believe that the product is the best as their role model used it.TWO CASE STUDIESRENAULT CLIOThe first advert is of the new Renault Clio. In the advert it shows how football star Thierry Henry helps a girl get away from the mob that are chasing her and trying to hurt her. Thierry offers the girl help and gets away from the mob with his excellent driving skills and the control that the car gives him.

The advert shows how the car is small yet masculine as it goes through a building wall and comes out undamaged. This shows that the Clio which was previously criticised for not being able to take a knock and having a softer body in juxtapose to other hatchbacks.Also in the advert Thierry shows how good the feeling of driving a Clio is when he forgets that the mob are chasing them and starts to wonder off thinking about the Clio.

At the end of the advert they show how Thierry Henry fit’s the car into the a small parking space to emphasize to the viewers how easy the car is to park due to the size of the car.When the advert is finished a page of text comes up which informs the viewers of a number they can call to get more information on the car and also the manufacturers website address. This is all done to make the viewers take the next step and actually contact Renault to test drive the car or to purchase the car.The advert uses intertextuality from the Hollywood hit film From Criminal Intent (1986). This is used to remind people of the film that they saw and makes them watch on to see if the advert gets the same ending as the chase in the movie.

Also by using intertextuality if the viewers have seen the movie, show or read the book from where the advert is copied from it makes them feel clever and to watch the whole advert.I think Thierry Henry was used in this advert because he is French and Renault is a French company. As they have used a very good French player it will make people think that the car is also good because it is made by the French. Also I believe that by using Thierry Henry they have also given the car a more masculine and sporty touch something that Renault have been lacking for a long time.VOLKSWAGON PASSATThe VW Passat advert begins in a city with a man in a car sticking his head out the window speaking into a microphone saying “ Because daddy never hugged me”. He repeats the same word three times as a couple in a VW Passat stare at him and drive off.The couple then stop at the traffic lights where they notice a blonde driving a red convertible. She also speaks in a microphone and says “ Because the more guys notice me the more I love myself”.

The couple then stop at the next set of traffic lights where a guy driving a yellow sports car uses his microphone and says “ Because I make more money than you. Because I make more money than you”.The advert ends with the couple laughing at all the other drivers they have seen and thinking about how weird they were. The end of the advert also shows the VW Passat name badge at the back of the car and a sigh that says “ Low ego emissions”.The advert is trying to show that people who buy expensive cars have ego problems and buy the cars for a reason besides the good drive of the car.

The advert is also trying to say that people who have expensive cars have ego problems whereas the Passat drivers don’t have ego problems.According to my research VW is the cheapest German car in comparison to luxury cars such as the BMW or Mercedes. This shows that Volkswagon aim there car sales at working class people and not people at the higher end of the market who earn a lot of money or are self employed.The advert also shows that in comparison to the other sporty luxury cars shown in the advert the Passat attracts less attention from the people who are passing by.

This could be a good thing because it can mean that less people will try to steal the car or damage it because it will be less noticed compared to the Mercedes and BMW.Also the advert shows how happy the couple in the Passat are compared to the other drivers driving the more expensive cars.AUDIENCECLIOThe Clio advertisement was shown on air during the F1 rally in Japan in 2005. This shows that Renault are trying to attract people who are into sports cars. This also shows that Renault are trying to portray the Clio as a sports car rather than a normal hatchback. As well as this the vast majority of Sports Racing fans are males in their twenties therefore you can tell that Renault are trying to attract younger drivers.

According to my research the advertisement reached over 16,000,000 people alone in the UK. This emphasizes how large the car market is. Another fact is that most young males want an attractive first or second car after they have passed their driving test. By airing the advertisement at a time like this Renault have made sure that their advertisement reaches the right audience.The people that the advertisement was targeted at will see the car as masculine and sporty. They will see the car as a fast car with excellent control.

This is exactly what Renault want to make sure that the advert has sent out the right message towards there target audience.PASSATThe Passat advertisement was shown during the commercials in between Coronation Street on ITV 1. The advertisement was shown during Coronation Street because the programme is targeted at middle class people who cant afford to pay for a BMW or Mercedes. This is the exact same market as the people who the Passat is targeted at.

The target market for the VW Passat is for people in their mid twenties and early thirties. According to ITV1 an estimated 7,000,000 watching the programme fall into this category therefore VW have reached their advert to approximately 7,000,000 people.The audience who see the advert will get the message that the Passat is the car to have if you cant afford expensive sports and luxury cars. In the advert it shows the Passat has leather interior which is seen as a luxury inside a car. The viewers of the advert may read the Passat as a cheaper version to the more expensive German cars.


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