Case Analysis Raisio Group And The Benecol Essay

1. ProblemOriginated from a grain-milling company in Finland. the 57-year-old Rasio Group developed a significant export concern which accounted for 39 % of its gross revenues by 1996.

Its chief merchandises including oleo. pasta and other nutrient merchandises were manufactured. sold locally and exported.

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In 1995. a blockbuster merchandise Benecol. cholesterol-lowering oleo. attracted the involvement of nutrient processors and supermarket groups throughout the universe and fueled a rush of investor involvement. Stanol ester is the active ingredient that provides the lower cholesterin benefit. There was immense selling potency and net income chance for Raisio. However. its limited production capacity.

limited supply of stanol ester. few installations. limited experience outside Finland. different merchandise preparation demands. different selling channels and complicated ordinances in different states challenged its farther scheme.2. Analysis and appraisal of scheme to day of the month for commercializing the inventionsA mostly self-sufficing strategy/a scheme of perpendicular integrating: Raisio had fabricated stanol ester itself in its ain works utilizing its ain engineering.

Its stanol ester was used merely in its ain branded oleo. Benecol. which was produced in its ain mills and marketed and distributed through its ain gross revenues and distribution system.This scheme enabled Raisio to hold control over the engineering. cut down minutess costs of market contracts and keep superior coordination through the value concatenation. but it failed in run intoing market demand place and wide due to limited production capacity and limited supply of natural stuff. Besides the demand. it would take a long clip for Benecol to to the full market in other states.

That would be hazardous. as it merely had 18- to 24-month lead clip over its rivals. It’s impossible to open all markets by acquisition which entails high cost and assorted direction issue.

Therefore. the scheme won’t allow Raisio to recognize the international launch of Benecol during the lead clip. or assist it run into the world-wide demand.3. Appraisal of Raisio’s competitory place in January 1997Supplier power: high.

The natural stuff for bring forthing stanol ester was limited. many companies similar to its current provider hadn’t had the system in topographic point to roll up the program sterols. Buyer power: low. Because of the new technology’s important consequence on cut downing cholesterin. Benecol oleo was priced about six times the monetary value of regular oleo.

even so the demand was still really high.Menace of entry: low within 18- to 24-month. The patent bought them that much lead clip over its rivals.Substitutes: high. A figure of viing merchandises were available for cut downing cholesterin such as of course available works steroid alcohols. The possibility of utilizing works steroid alcohols as a nutrient additive increased the hazard of being substituted. A turning array of cholesterol-reducing drugs was available on the market. There are besides a figure of natural nutrient merchandises that have the consequence of cut downing cholesterin within the blood.

including fish oil. Allium sativum. flax seed. dietetic fibre. policosanol. and guggulipid.Industry competition: temporarily low.

It maintained taking place for Benecol because of the invention. But the merchandise was individual. non diversified. The net income border was really low. merely 4. 1 % .

In short. Raisio had a favourable competitory advantage over its rivals. but would merely within the lead clip if it couldn’t figure out a suited scheme and executable program. 4. The alternate schemes available to Raisio in 1997( 1 ) To set up partnership with Johnson & A ; Johnson ( J & A ; J ) to use its extended experience worldwide.Harmonizing to the instance. it would be sole partnership. Considering J & A ; J’s experience which was precisely Raisio demands.

the partnership was executable for its international launch of Benecol.( 2 ) To concentrate on its cardinal ingredient. stanol ester and work its invention more widely so as to bring forth and provide to a figure of providers and nutrient processors.As the cardinal competency of Benecol oleo was the cardinal ingredient.

the invention would diversify the use of stanol ester in more sorts of drinks and nutrient so as to increase Raisio’s competency. However. I won’t suggest Raision to supply the ingredient to more providers and nutrient processor. as it would weaken Benecol products’ singularity.

( 3 ) To maintain its production of stanol ester in-house or licence this engineering.As mentioned above.

this engineering was the key to its success. I wouldn’t recommend licence it out. 5.
Summary/Proposed SchemeBased on the analysis and appraisal. foremost I would urge Benecol merchandise be diversified and defined as functional nutrient. The variegation and natural stuff deficit would necessitate more R & A ; D.

This non merely reflected Raisio’s proficient inventiveness. but besides was cardinal to its success. In 1996. R & A ; D merely accounted for 2. 2 % of its gross. Through R & A ; D. Raisio would likely happen more ways to bring forth stanol ester.

It would besides be good if Raisio started nourish more providers of works stenols to increase its dickering power every bit good as get stable supply of the natural stuff. Second. I would propose Raisio set up sole partnership with J & A ; J to bring forth. market and administer diversified merchandises with the new invention in other markets other than Finland. the nearby markets and the markets which already had joint ventures. Two of import proviso should include ( 1 ) all merchandises should be under the trade name of Benecol to guarantee the addition of the trade name value.

Once Raisio wants to purchase it back. the established trade name would be value-added for Raisio. like what many international companies have done to come in a new market with complicated ordinances and Torahs. different selling channels and civilization.

etc. ; ( 2 ) J & A ; J involves Rasio in the value concatenation of the trade name to enable Raisio addition experience/learning chance from J & A ; J. The scheme would work out the jobs of production capacity. deficiency of selling and distribution experience in many states. and would assist avoid complicated regulative issues.

( 3 ) Sing different ordinances and market conditions. the selling program should be promoted increasingly. Marketing phase 1: The markets for the first phase should include the US and European Union which were the biggest possible markets for Benecol merchandises and the ordinance state of affairs of the two markets were comparatively clear and efficient. In US.

it allowed the merchandise to derive blessing as a dietetic addendum.It was the simplest way which merely took 60 yearss file presentment with back uping grounds before commercial rollout. In European Union.

it was possible to travel through fast-track blessing. as it had already been marketed in Finland. Marketing phase 2: J & A ; J would likely get down conveying the merchandises into the markets with immense potency at the same time. as it would take a longer clip to derive blessing.

Last but non least. based on the gross dislocation in 1997. Raisio would apportion more resorts to the concern unit of carnal provenders. as the markets for carnal provenders would be assuring. For chemicals. though it represented 34 % of its entire gross revenues. I would propose Raisio take it as by-product of its R & A ; D.

No elaborate recommendation for those two units would be made due to limited information.


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