Case Brief on Adoption Case Essay

Mary Joe Parker Adoption Facts: Mary Joe was born to her biological mother Martha Spins.

Martha had been battling a tough drug addiction, and when Mary Joe was just four years old, Martha was sent to prison. The Spins’ neighbors, Stephen and Melinda Parker had decided to adopt Mary Joe and would raise her. Upon moving in with the Parkers, Mary Joe took their last name, and was now Mary Joe Parker. Mary Joe was the oldest of the Parser’s children, they later had 2 biological children.Throughout her life, Mary Joe was enrolled In school as the Parser’s child, and changed the name on her Social Security Card as Mary Joe Parker. She resided with the Parkers from age four, until eighteen when she moved away to college. The Spins took It upon themselves to pay for Mary Sis’s education. Throughout her entire life the Spins referred to Mary Joe as one of their three children and Mary Joe referred to them as her parents and referred to their other two children as her siblings.

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In 2005, Stephen Park became ill. Mary Joe was never formally/legally adopted by Mr.. And Mrs.. Spins.In 2007 Mr.

. Parker died. When he died he left his entire estate to his wife.

In his obituary, it was stated that he had three children. In 2013, Melinda died without a will. Her other two children feel that they are entitled to half of her estate. Mary Joe Spins is seeking her rights to the estate of Melinda Parker regarding her will.

Issue: Does a child who was never officially adopted by a family have rights to the will of their adopted parents?


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