Case Study

Case Study: A Love Triangle 
Case Study: A Love Triangle 
Two Most Serious Issues That the Administrator of This Facility Is Presented With In This Complicated Case
In this case study, there are issues, which the administrator of this facility is facing which are attributed to the romantic relationships, which Joseph has had with different members of the facility (Singh, 2016). Joseph who is an old resident at the facility had a relationship with Phyllis who was at the time missing having a man to take care of her. Due to the closeness which she had with Joseph, she developed feelings for him which led to frustrations when Joseph started a relationship with Nancy who is a 36-year-old female admitted to the facility due to complications from her AIDS diagnosis. This romantic relationship has resulted in Nancy being pregnant with Joseph’s child (Singh, 2016). This has also created tension between Phyllis and Nancy, which is seen when Phyllis throws Nancy’s belongings out into the hallway.
The administrator has a serious issue of bringing calm between Nancy, Phyllis, and Joseph since their differences may impact their performance at the facility (Singh, 2016). Nancy’s mother is also frustrated about her daughter’s pregnancy and even promises to meet with a lawyer to sue the facility. In this case, the administrator has a responsibility of explaining to the court how this romantic relationship, which led to Nancy being pregnant, could have happened under his/her watch (Singh, 2016). This is because the administrator was ignorant when another resident informed the administrator about the relationship between Nancy and Joseph. Joseph and Nancy displayed their affection publicly which is against working ethics (Singh, 2016).
Take a Position on Whether the Facility Holds Any Accountability for Nancy’s Pregnancy In This Case
The facility holds accountability for Nancy’s pregnancy since they have a responsibility of limiting romantic relationships in the working environment. Organizations should implement policies to regulate romantic relationships between workers (Simpson & Campbell, 2013). It is not wrong for two workers to be engaged in a romantic relationship. However, public display of their affection is against most organization’s policies as this may impact their performance as well as distract other members of the organization (Simpson ; Campbell, 2013).
As evident in the case study, the romantic relationship between Joseph and Phyllis and Nancy and has led to the major issues affecting the administrator which makes it a major concern. Joseph and Nancy publicly displayed their affection, which affected other members of the organization including Phyllis (Simpson ; Campbell, 2013). This led to jealousy and tension between Nancy and Phyllis, which led to the intervention of the administrator. Organizations should implement policies to regulate and govern romantic relationships in the working environment (Simpson ; Campbell, 2013).
Summarize the Lesson(s) This Facility’s Administrator and Staff Should Learn From This Case. Next, Suggest One (1) Change To This Facility’s Human Resources Policies In Order To Increase The Efficiency Of Staff Monitoring Of Residents
One of the lessons that the facility’s administrator and staff should learn from this case is that romantic relationships should be careful managed to avoid negative impacts in the work place (Singh, 2016). Although romantic relationships are not restricted, public display of affection should be prohibited as this may lead to jealousy and cause commotion in the work place (Singh, 2016). One change to this facility’s human resources policies in order to increase the efficiency of staff monitoring of residents may include implementing policies to regulate work relationships in the organization (Singh, 2016). Romantic relationships are a common thing in organizations and may affect an organization in different ways. Policies to govern how employees interact with each other are important in enabling an organization to monitor its employees (Singh, 2016). This will provide the required standards for any relationships formed between employees and expectations of the employees.

Simpson, J. A., ; Campbell, L. (2013). The Oxford handbook of close relationships. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Singh, D. (2016). Effective management of long term care facilities. (3rd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.


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