Case Study Of Elektra Products, Inc. Essay

The Elektra Products Inc has faced the job: market portion was worsening in competition of foreign and domestic country ; new merchandises thoughts were few and far ; morale was low at all clip and employees were actively seeking new occupations. Because they are disenchanted by the current civilization and they may see direction as untrusted in their abilities.

Barbara Russel. a fabrication frailty president has been assigned by Martin Griffin. Elektra’s new CEO who really late made the challenge: “As we face increasing competition. we need new thoughts.

new energy. new sprit to do this company great. An the beginning for this alteration is you – each of you” .

to take a squad which will implement a program to alter direction manner to a decentralized organisation than promote employee authorization in direction processing. Ms Russell forms an active squad that work difficult to accomplish direction alteration. And Ms Russell would let employees to do determination suitable at their places. When the Mr Griffin is non take part in run intoing the section heads’ responses are non feasible. The opposition is happen at the in-between degree direction when execution is done.In replying first sub-question of the inquiry no 1 of “How might exceed direction have done a better occupation altering Elektra merchandises into a new sort of organisation? ” .

we would wish to show that top direction could hold included the center and lower degree directors. and the employees in the squads. The squad should hold received direction on the construct behind “empowerment” . and how the aim was to hold employees at all degrees taking duty for determination devising.

at that degree. and accepting duty for the consequences. And allowing them understand that positive attitude is needed in every measure and every undertaking to be done.

is practically motivated on the other manus.For 2nd sub-question of the inquiry no 1 of “what might they make now to acquire the authorization procedure back on path? ” . it is no uncertainty that acquiring the plan back on path. Mr Griffin needs to convey directors and employees at all degrees into the squads. after all involved have learned what the new direction attack entails. And delegating the tast of “quick and easy to win” to every squad back up them in deriving the motive.In reply of inquiry no 2 of “ Can you think of ways Barbara could hold avoided the jobs her squad faced in the meeting with section caputs? ” we would wish to reply that Ms Russel could avoided the jobs her squad face by including the section caputs in her squad.

and bear downing them with placing the challenge and obstructions to high public presentation in their sections. She besides should hold required them to use this attack to all degrees in their sections. Empowerment direction means allowing authorization to subsidiaries. Her squad really tried to “empower” lower degree direction without including them in the solution.In replying the inquiry no 3 of “ If you were barbara Russell. what would you make now? Why? ”If I were Barbara Russell. I would force easy to reform and work for gradual support from the other squads and I would back up Martin to recognize the jobs with inter-departmental communicating that exist at Elektra’s merchandise as he may non hold been with the company for long plenty a period of clip.

Promoting Martin to run into with each section caput in progress and seek to roll up information about the corporate civilization and each section head’s sentiment of his authorization run and so. he might hold had a better thought as to how he should implement his reforms. Second. by holding each squad rank consist of merely one section.

each squad habitually brought their thoughts for each section to alter and that did nil to lend to the hapless departmental communicating. The most of import things for Barbara to make is to pass on to Martin the bing jobs refering communicating and trust between sections. Barbara’s other picks. to force in front with inexorable finding while the CEO remains nescient to the existent cultural criterion. is doomed to failure if for no other ground than that Barbara has no unequivocal clout among the remainder of upper direction.

and therefore non plenty weight to throw around to consequence alteration. She could seek to do new squads or to debate the proposals of her squad. but she may non transport adequate authorization to take the other sections in such an action. Such actions could necessarily strive the current inter-departmental communications further and may non supply any positive consequences without tonss of difficult work. Once Martin is made cognizant of the hapless communicating relationships that presently exist. stairss can be made to assail the job from a different angle.

Barbara. by facing Martin on these issues. serves herself and the run by demoing her supervisor that she is both interested in his thought and its success and by supplying Martin with necessary penetration into the corporate civilization that he may hold yet to to the full recognize. As a CEO who’s chief map is to delight the stock holders of this publically traded company.

Martin should value the information Barbara can supply him as it would function to both increase his plan’s potency for success and to delight his foremans.Once he is made cognizant of the current state of affairs. Martin will hold a better appreciation on merely what the jobs are that exist at Elektra’s merchandise and how to work out them. As the CEO. Martin should take a strong direction stance and exercise his power over the section caputs by clearly demarking the concatenation of bid. Done efficaciously.

Martin would therefore hold established among upper direction that his thoughts will be implemented and that it would be wise to back up him in the run. This can be done by merely reiterating his creed among the employees. by being really clear on his thoughts. and by promoting unfastened discourse among the degrees of upper direction. This serves to non merely specify the company ends but to transfuse a new sense of intent among the employees through strong leading.Following.

Martin needs to reorganize the initial undertaking squads so that each squad consists of a assortment of employees from different sections. Having employees from different sections really work with and talk to each other is the first measure to finally rupturing down the communicating barriers that presently exist in the company.This methodological analysis serves other utile intents every bit good.As good.

by holding a squad makeup that is cross-departmental. when squads present their thoughts there will no longer be a “you against us” attitude. At this point it would be nice to cognize more about Martin and his history in the corporate universe. and the relationship between Barbara and Simon. With this cognition. it becomes possible to analyze Martin’s direction manner and path record so that more unequivocal decisions can be drawn refering what he should make.

As good. cognizing how Barbara and Simon relate can offer guidelines to how Barbara may be able to utilize Simon as an information tool for estimating employee’s sentiments sing the authorization run and the corporate civilization in general. This is merely the first measure towards establishing Martin’s authorization run and turning the company into a motivated. profitable entity.

Much work has yet to be done to guarantee that Electra-Quik even has a opportunity of going a market leader once more. although Martin is right in his desires to alter the corporate civilization.


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