Case study: Shouldice Hospital Limited Sample Essay

While reading this instance survey. one job can evidently been observed- paradox of alteration. Shouldice is runing at its “best operating level” ( as we can see from the instance ) . a specialised work force but it is neglecting to run into all the demand for its chosen market niche. Adding extra capacity to run into market demand may upset the bing work force and lower quality of operations.

Failing to run into market demands may do competition that would take infirmary to loss market portion.

I make a SWOT analysis for better apprehension of the instance:


1 ) Unique surgical techniques.

2 ) Up-to-date equipment.

3 ) Educated and experienced material.

4 ) Excellent service and baby’s room.

5 ) Huge demand for operations.


1 ) Limited figure of beds.

2 ) Their techniques aren’t patented.

3 ) Insignificant defects ( deficiency of Television & A ; phones. etc )


1 ) Related variegation of surgery operation services.

2 ) Open yearss can be Saturday or even Sunday.

3 ) Introducing of new location ( inside Canada and in another states ) .

4 ) Increasing of a figure of patients.


1 ) Rivals

-Alternative schemes:

1 ) To remain at a present degree and go on to make as they are presently making.

2 ) To add extra twenty-four hours by runing on Sundays.

3 ) To increase figure of beds.

4 ) To run into unmet market demand with external capacity.

-Evaluation of options:

1 ) Their repute and bing system set them as market leader. so they can make nil to better this fact.

2 ) Adding Saturday as operating twenty-four hours is besides sensible. because they easy can increase figure of patients ( but this can somewhat diminish the quality of service-so they need to engage extra material ) .

3 ) Increasing figure of beds is non a good thought. because in this instance they besides will necessitate to add more physicians and surgery suites.

4 ) They can look on another installations. there their physicians can implement theirs accomplishments.

-Recommendations: I recommend them a combination of remaining at present degree with bing material and infirmary. and to run into unmet market demand with external beginnings of capacity to halt rivals from come ining the market.

-Some extra steps to be considered: to forestall possibility of stealing techniques I suggest them to patent all theirs alone methodics. so other infirmaries and physicians can’t use them without permission. besides patented methods will animate and carry patients to utilize Shouldice services


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