Casey Anthony Time Line Essay

TIMELINE of ANTHONY CASE by Leigh Lundin date| | event| 09-Aug 2005| | Caylee Anthony born to Casey Anthony, no father listed on birth certificate. Registered nurse Cindy and former homicide detective George Anthony were unaware their daughter was pregnant until the 7th month. | 2008| |  | 15-Jun 16-Jul| | (Readers may find instructive the fine detail of the 31 days Caylee Anthony was ‘missing’ at aCandyRose. com. )| 17-Mar 2008| | Computer in Anthony home used to google chloroform, possibly stemming from a joke posted by Casey’s then boyfriend, Ricardo Morales, with caption: “Win her over with chloroform. | 19-Mar 2008| | Casey Anthony receives a birthday check from her 80-year-old grandmother and uses the routing number to steal money from the account. | 21-Mar 2008| | Computer in Anthony home used to conduct second web search regarding chloroform. Totals: “84 hits, a little over 3 minutes in total,” according to computer forensics expert. | 09-Jun 2008| | Casey Anthony tells parents she still works at Universal Studios after leaving Caylee with a babysitter “Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez” (“Zannie the nanny”) at Sawgrass Apartments. | 15-Jun 008| | On this Father’s Day, Cindy Anthony takes granddaughter Caylee to visit Cindy’s father at an assisted living facility. This is the last date Caylee is seen alive. | 16-Jun 2008| | Casey tells friends Cindy wants her to move out of the house. Investigators believe Caylee died this day. On opening day of testimony, defense contends Caylee drowned this day in family swimming pool. | 18-Jun 2008| | Casey backs car into garage, which she seldom if ever does. She borrows shovel from neighbor. | 24-Jun 2008| | George Anthony reports his gas cans with $50 of gas missing, but unexpectedly finds cans in car.

Missing a gas cap, he places duct tape over the opening of one can. | 25-Jun 2008| | Jesse Grund will tell detectives he believes he heard Caylee in the background during a phone conversation with Casey, probably on the 24th or 25th of June. | 27-Jun 2008| | Tony Lazzaro picks up Casey at Amscot at Goldenrod Road and East Colonial Drive (Highway 50), Orlando where she abandons car, claiming it ran out of gas, and they attend the Fusion nightclub. Casey tells friends Caylee is with nanny at the beach. | 30-Jun 2008| | Anthony’s Pontiac Sunbird towed by Johnson’s Wrecker East from Amscot. Foul odor noticed. | 01-Jul 008| | Casey receives permission from Jesse Grund to shower at his place. | 02-Jul 2008| | Casey Anthony shoulder tattooed with “bella vida” (beautiful life). She sets another appointment for 19 July at which time she promises to bring her daughter. | 03-Jul 2008| | Casey texts then leaves voicemail for Jesse Grund begging him not to say anything to her mother if she calls. | 04-Jul 2008| | Casey tells friends her daughter is with her nanny at SeaWorld. | 06-Jul 2008| | In an effort to communicate with Casey, Cindy Anthony establishes MySpace account. | 07-Jul 2008| | Casey Anthony writes in MySpace: “What is given can be taken away.

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Everyone lies, everyone dies. “| 12-Jul 2008| | Cindy and George demand to see Caylee. Casey refuses. | 14-Jul 2008| | George Anthony makes four phone calls to convicted felon Vasco Thompson. Anthony and Thompson indicate they do not know each other and calls may have been due to transposed numbers of George’s new work number. | 15-Jul 2008| | Anthonys retrieve their car from Johnson’s Wrecker. Stench, possibly decomposition, very noticeable. | 15-Jul 2008| | Cindy Anthony locates Casey and calls 911 to report Casey stole their car, adding it smells like a “dead body”. Cindy calls back minutes later to report Caylee missing for a month. 16-Jul 2008| | Detectives arrest Casey Anthony after she directs investigators to her purported employer, Universal Orlando Resort, where she’s forced to admit she hadn’t worked there since 24 April 2006. Police locate the first of three women named Zenaida Gonzalez who says she doesn’t know Casey Anthony. | 17-Jul 2008| | Casey officially charged with child neglect, lying to investigators and interfering with a criminal investigation. Judge Stan Strickland denies bond saying Casey shows “woeful disregard for the welfare of her child. ” Sheriff’s detectives search the Anthony’s back yard.

Detectives remove Casey’s Pontiac Sunbird and to a forensics lab after reported evidence of possible human decomposition. | 18-Jul 2008| | Casey hires attorney Jose Baez. | 22-Jul 2008| | Judge sets Casey Anthony’s bond at $500,000. | 23-Jul 2008| | Orange County detectives interview Jessee Grund for first time. | 25-Jul 2008| | Anthonys start Caylee missing child web site. | 29-Jul 2008| | Judge denies defense request to ban the release of jailhouse recordings and 911 calls to the public. | 30-Jul 2008| | Fifth District Court of Appeals denies Casey’s appeal to reduce bond to $10,000. | 31-Jul 2008| | FBI interviews the Anthonys.

Orange County detectives interview Jessee Grund for second time. Grund mentions Casey would leave Caylee alone for periods of time and Caylee loved the pool. Grund says if something happened to Caylee, Casey might have a breakdown and invent a “new reality. “| 01-Aug 2008| | Investigators remove several containers of evidence from the Anthony home. Anthonys appear on Larry King Live. | 04-Aug 2008| | State Attorney’s Office says “someone” enquired about immunity for Casey. Baez’s office says that makes no sense and it wasn’t he. Jesse Brund, backs off earlier statement he heard Caylee in the background of a phone call with Casey on 24 June. 07-Aug 2008| | Investigators serve search warrant at Anthony home, taking Caylee’s clothing found in Casey’s car, some washed by Cindy, because of a “foul odor. ” Investigators believe a call Casey claims she received 15 July in which she spoke with Caylee probably never happened as records show no calls to Casey’s cell phone at that time. Deputies confirm 15 June was the last time anyone other than Casey reported seeing Caylee. | 08-Aug 2008| | Casey refuses scheduled meeting with her brother, Lee. | 09-Aug 2008| | Caylee’s third birthday. | 10-Aug 008| | Casey cancels a scheduled meeting with her parents, the 2nd time in 3 days she refused to meet with her family. | 11-Aug 2008| | Roy Kronk places 1st call to Sheriff’s department reporting trash bag and body, without response. Kronk is a meter reader employed by Orlando Utilities Commission. ‘Psychics’ advised Caylee would not be found in this area. | 12-Aug 2008| | Roy Kronk places 2nd call to Sheriff’s department reporting trash bag and body. George Anthony says he believes Caylee was kidnapped. | 13-Aug 2008| | Roy Kronk places 3rd call to Sheriff’s department reporting trash bag and body.

Deputy Richard Cain arrives at scene but fails to investigate because of wet ground and fear of snakes. | 15-Aug 2008| | Two private investigators working for Jose Baez, Edward Phlegar and Dominic Casey, meet with Casey in jail. | 16-Aug 2008| | California bounty hunter Leonard Padilla announces he and his nephew, bail bondsman Tony Padilla, will fly to Orlando to post Casey’s $500,000 bond to “find the baby. “| 17-Aug 2008| | California bounty hunter Leonard Padilla arrives in Orlando. | 20-Aug 2008| | Leonard and Tony Padilla post bond for Casey’s release. | 21-Aug 008| | Casey released from jail thanks to California bounty hunter Leonard Padilla and a $500,000 bond. As a condition, Padilla’s colleague, Tracy Conroy, stays with Casey until her rearrest. | 26-Aug 2008| | Prosecution releases hundreds of documents. One reveals Cindy Anthony called her daughter a “sociopath” and a “mooch”. A friend’s statement says Casey wanted to put Caylee up for adoption, but Cindy Anthony refused to let her. | 27-Aug 2008| | Orange County Sheriff’s Office fires rookie Anthony Rusciano, who lied in the criminal investigation about his sexual relationship with Casey Anthony. | 29-Aug 008| | Casey re-arrested on economic crime charges unrelated to daughter’s disappearance. Forged check charges include uttering a fraudulent instrument, petty theft, and fraudulent use of personal information. Deputies subpoena Casey, George, Cindy, and Lee Anthony to appear in court in November. | 30-Aug 2008| | Texas EquuSearch, a mounted search and recovery group, arrives in Central Florida to aid in search for Caylee. | 31-Aug 2008| | Sheriff’s Office confirms hair found in the trunk of Casey’s car belongs to Caylee. | 02-Sep 2008| | Casey refuses offer of limited immunity in exchange for information leading to Caylee. 04-Sep 2008| | Anonymous source posted Casey’s $500,000 bond through two Florida bonding companies. | 05-Sep 2008| | Casey released on bond a second time wearing an electronic ankle-monitoring bracelet fitted by a home confinement case manager. | 06-Sep 2008| | Deputies seize a handgun from the car trunk of George Anthony (a former detective). Having a gun on the property is a violation of Casey’s bail, but since she appeared unaware of the gun, she isn’t taken into custody. | 07-Sep 2008| | EquuSearch temporarily calls off the search for Caylee, citing environmental conditions following Tropical Storm Fay. 08-Sep 2008| | Protests outside Anthony house grow more vocal and violent. George Anthony tries to rope off his property with crime scene tape. | 15-Sep 2008| | Casey turns herself in, re-arrested on new economic charges unrelated to Caylee’s disappearance. | 16-Sep 2008| | Casey released on $1,250 bond wearing an ankle-monitoring bracelet. | 18-Sep 2008| | Rock-throwing protestors try to drag George Anthony into the street. | 23-Sep 2008| | Discovery releases nearly 600 pages, including interviews and controversial text messages. | 02-Oct 2008| | Casey Anthony officially named a suspect. 14-Oct 2008| | Grand jury considers the case. | 15-Oct 2008| | Casey indicted for aggravated manslaughter, aggravated child abuse, and 4 counts of providing false information. Casey appears before Judge Strickland who denies bond because she is charged with a capital crime. | 17-Oct 2008| | Casey Anthony, facing the death penalty, pleads not guilty. | 22-Oct 2008| | Anthony family launches tip line for leads to finding Caylee. | 24-Oct 2008| | Forensic tests of air samples in the trunk of Casey’s car show evidence of human decomposition and confirm presence of chloroform.

A hair found in the trunk is deemed “microscopically similar” to one in Caylee’s hairbrush. | 28-Oct 2008| | Judge schedules pretrial for 11 December and murder trial for 5 January 2009. | 31-Oct 2008| | Jail officials warn Jose Baez about hugging Casey during visits. | 05-Nov 2008| | Judge agrees to continue Casey’s check fraud hearing to 11 December. | 08-Nov 2008| | Private investigators Dominic Casey and James Hoover search Suburban Drive for Caylee’s remains. On advice of ‘psychics’, Texas EquuSearch lead group of volunteers in a search of a 25-acre area near Orlando International Airport but find nothing. 13-Nov 2008| | On advice of ‘psychics’, Divers search a lake in Blanchard Park for Caylee recovering a plastic bag containing what appears to be bones and toys weighted with bricks, but believed not relevant to this case. | 14-Nov 2008| | Forensic scientist Henry Lee examines Casey’s car. | 16-Nov 2008| | Private investigators Dominic Casey and James Hoover again search Suburban Drive for Caylee’s remains. | 18-Nov 2008| | Private investigator Dominic Casey searches Suburban Drive a third time for Caylee’s remains. | 19-Nov 2008| | Leonard Padilla says Casey criticized competence of those looking for her daughter. 20-Nov 2008| | Mark NeJame resigns as George and Cindy Anthony’s attorney. | 21-Nov 2008| | Photograph surfaces of a little girl resembling Caylee playing at a mall. | 25-Nov 2008| | Judge orders prosecutors to open all evidence to the defense, but rules hair sample found in Casey’s trunk is too small to permit independent testing by defense. | 04-Dec 2008| | Recordings of jailhouse visits between Casey and her family released. | 05-Dec 2008| | Prosecutors say they will not seek the death penalty against Casey Anthony (and later renege). | 10-Dec 008| | Jose Baez issues subpoena duces tecum for video claiming a sighting of Caylee. | 11-Dec 2008| | Skeletal remains of small child found in woods one-quarter mile from the Anthony home following insistent calls by utilities meter-reader Roy Kronk. So-called ‘psychics’ advised authorities against exploring this area. | 12-Dec 2008| | Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary says measurements and hair color match Caylee’s. Meanwhile, the Kid Finders Network terminates their search for Caylee. | 18-Dec 2008| | Search expanded after more bones found.

Deputy Angelo Nieves confirms Roy Kronk had called three times before. A deputy responded to one of those calls on 13 August but failed to investigate because of snakes. | 19-Dec 2008| | Medical Examiner “Dr. G” Jan Garavaglia identifies remains found in the woods as Caylee Marie Anthony. Cause of death cannot be determined. | 23-Dec 2008| | Jose Baez requests pictures, X-rays, and other documentation of the remains of Caylee Anthony. Judge ruled the documents must be turned over within two weeks. | 24-Dec 2008| | Anonymous donor leaves 125 gift-wrapped toys from Bloomingdale’s at Caylee memorial site.

The Orlando Union Rescue Mission says the toys would be given to 84 children in the organization’s custody. | 29-Dec 2008| | Lee Anthony hires attorney Thomas Luka. | 30-Dec 2008| | Roy Kronk possibly eligible for reward offered for information leading to Caylee’s return. So-called ‘psychic’ hints Kronk may be responsible for Caylee’s abduction. | 2009| |  | 08-Jan 2009| | Judge Strickland instructs Jose Baez regarding handling crime scene photos. Judge Jose Rodriguez denies request by Zenaida Gonzalez’s lawyers to depose Casey before criminal trial. | 13-Jan 009| | Roy Kronk appears on Good Morning America saying he first spotted a suspicious bag in August where he eventually found Caylee’s remains. Evidence suggests deputy he reported the bag to didn’t investigate further, because the area was boggy and infested by snakes. | 19-Jan 2009| | Bloggers send info to sheriff’s tips line regarding “Zenaida” MySpace account, noting no such person appears in the Florida DMV database with that birth date. Bloggers note the last time the MySpace page was updated was 14 October 2008, the last day of Casey Anthony’s freedom. | 22-Jan 009| | George Anthony fails to show at meeting with attorney Brad Conway. | 23-Jan 2009| | A despondent, suicidal George Anthony found at Hawaii Motel, Daytona Beach, then taken to Halifax Hospital. | 29-Jan 2009| | Judge Stan Strickland orders Casey Anthony to appear at court hearings. | 30-Jan 2009| | Judge rules on multiple motions. People Magazine features gossipy cover story about Anthonys. | 10-Feb 2009| | Caylee Marie Anthony memorial service held. | 05-Mar 2009| | Forensic botanist report released showing ‘bone field’ and suggesting body appears to have been in place at least 4 months to allow root growth through bag and bones. 09-Mar 2009| | State of Florida files motion to determine conflict of interest, alleging Casey signed the rights to her story to Jose Baez. | 10-Mar 2009| | Attorney Baez files objection to State’s motion to determine a potential conflict of interest. Casey signs affidavit stating she did not assign rights to “her story” to Baez and she has refused a plea agreement for “a crime I didn’t commit. “| 11-Mar 2009| | Attorney for Zenaida Gonzalez petitions court to compel Lee Anthony to testify to any knowledge regarding father of Caylee. | 24-Mar 2009| | Judge rules against state regarding supposed conflict of interest of Jose Baez. 03-Apr 2009| | Orange County Sheriff’s Office fires Deputy Richard Cain for mishandling investigation of Roy Kronk’s report, Cain’s third accusation of negligence. | 13-Apr 2009| | Todd Macaluso joins defense. | 14-Apr 2009| | State files Notice of Intent to seek death penalty. | 24-Apr 2009| | Attorney for Zenaida Gonzalez petition court to compel Cindy Anthony to testify to any knowledge regarding father of Caylee. | 01-May 2009| | Discovery released surrounding investigation of meter reader Roy Kronk. | 28-May 2009| | DePaul University College of Law Professor Andrea D. Lyon joins Casey’s defense. 10-Jun 2009| | Anthonys move to restrict disclosure to keep Caylee’s autopsy from being publicly released. | 11-Jun 2009| | Judge places a temporary stay on the release of autopsy results. | 19-Jun 2009| | Judge allows public release of autopsy results. | 22-Jul 2009| | Jail inmate with history of claiming inside knowledge writes letter to defense stating he knows who killed Caylee. | 28-Jul 2009| | State deposes Cindy Anthony. | 29-Jul 2009| | CrimeLine finally pays Roy Kronk $5000 reward for finding body; Anthony family spokesman Mark NeJame matched the amount with another $5000.

Also on this day, Orange County commissioners voted in a split decision to pay up to $15,000 of Kronk’s legal fees, which now exceed award monies. | 30-Jul 2009| | State deposes Lee Anthony. | 05-Aug 2009| | State deposes George Anthony. | 07-Aug 2009| | 3-D animated fly-throughs released of area where Caylee’s remains found. | 21-Aug 2009| | Defense attorney Todd Macaluso claims substantial evidence supports Caylee’s body was placed in the woods after Casey’s incarceration. | 30-Aug 2009| | Inmate writes judge in civil case stating he knows who killed Caylee. 04-Sep 2009| | Leonard Padilla says Casey told him her nanny insisted she lie to police. Cindy Anthony tells Orange County Sheriff’s Commander Matt Irwin if she had it to do over again, she would still call 911 on Casey. | 18-Sep 2009| | Prosecutors request transcript of George Anthony’s grand jury testimony. | 30-Sep 2009| | Anthonys’ attorney holds press conference stating duct tape found at crime scene is not same as duct tape on gas can. | 06-Oct 2009| | Judge orders release of George Anthony’s grand jury testimony to prosecutors. | 07-Oct 009| | Casey signs affidavit swearing she dropped Caylee off with a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez. Investigators and bloggers eventually uncover at least three women named Zenaida Gonzalez, not one who can be linked to Caylee Anthony. | 17-Oct 2009| | Documents appear to show confusion and inconsistencies during 5 August deposition of George Anthony. | 18-Oct 2009| | CBS 48 Hours airs Anthony case that includes interviews with family, attorneys, and investigators. Defense asserts authorities botched the case by assuming Casey’s guilt and assert some unknown party killed the little girl. | 21-Oct 009| | Circuit Court Judge Jose Rodriguez refuses to dismiss civil case. | 24-Oct 2009| | The attorney for the Anthonys hints the family is in financial straits. After speculation CBS offered the Anthonys as much as $20,000 for an interview with 48 Hours, Tampa radio host Bubba the Love Sponge ups the bid to $25,000. | 04-Nov 2009| | Author Diane Fanning rushes out Mommy’s Little Girl extrapolating how Casey might have killed her daughter, ISBN 978-0312365141. | 08-Nov 2009| | Investigators reveal they found a Gatorade bottle containing chloroform near the site where Caylee’s remains were found.

Apparently a syringe was also found in the vicinity. | 20-Nov 2009| | Defense hypothesizes Roy Kronk killed Caylee. They allege Kronk used duct tape to restrain women during sexual encounters. Attorney Baez postulates if he could prove Kronk also had a possible history of inappropriate behavior with young girls, then he might have killed Caylee. | 21-Nov 2009| | Defense interviews Roy Kronk’s angry ex-wives about possible domestic violence. Defense barely suppresses joy when ex-wife Jill Kerley opines “Roy probably was the one who murdered Caylee Anthony, or had something to do with it. | 22-Nov 2009| | Court announces document page count exceeds 12,300. | 24-Nov 2009| | Defense accuses Texas EquuSearch’s Tim Miller of lying to the court that only 32 people searched the area where Caylee’s body was found and asks court for all EquuSearch records. | 09-Dec 2009| | Judge Stan Strickland rules on multiple motions, denying motions to destroy jailhouse recordings and motion to dismiss nine charges in check fraud case, but granting motion to keep audio interview with former EquuSearch volunteer private. | 12-Dec 2009| | Defense moves to take death penalty off the table. The death of a child is a horrible thing, and it would be difficult for anyone to listen to. “| 2010| |  | 26-Jan 2010| | Casey pleads guilty to charges of passing 13 fraudulent checks. | 26-Feb 2010| | State requests ex parte hearing without the defense. In a possibly related motion, prosecutors claim they received material evidence and information giving them “good cause” to delay their release. | 08-Mar 2010| | Court sets trial date set for 9 May 2011. | 15-Mar 2010| | Volunteer Krystal Holloway, aka River Cruz, aka River Allen, claims to have had an affair with George Anthony in latter part of 2008.

She claims Anthony said death of his granddaughter was “an accident that snowballed out of control. “| 16-Mar 2010| | A woman going by the name Skye Benhaida claims a relationship with George Anthony but “can’t discuss the relationship. ” Krystal Holloway threatens suicide. | 18-Mar 2010| | Casey Anthony declared indigent. State Attorney’s Office pays $35,651 for three scientific experts, $25,000 alone to a forensic entomologist. | 08-Apr 2010| | New documents reveal letters between Casey and a pen pal, former fellow inmate Robyn Adams, now in federal prison.

Adams suggests when Caylee had trouble napping, Casey used chloroform to make her sleep. | 20-Apr 2010| | Circuit Court Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr. replaces Judge Stan Strickland, who recuses himself from the case after defense reveals Strickland held an inappropriate conversation with blogger Dave Knechel following an October hearing, in which Strickland told Knechel he thought Knechel’s blog was fair. | 11-May 2010| | Judge Belvin Perry rules the state may seek the death penalty. | 10-Jun 2010| | Defense files motion reiterating their stance that 911 calls made by Cindy Anthony are hearsay and should not be used at trial. 13-Jul 2010| | Defense examines prosecution evidence. | 15-Jul 2010| | Judge rules Cindy Anthony’s initial 911 calls admissible. | 18-Jul 2010| | Florida state prison inmate Robin Lunceford claims fellow inmates Robyn Adams and Maya Derkovic conspired to lie to get their sentences reduced. | 19-Jul 2010| | State corrections officials claim Robin Lunceford is under investigation for operating a scam with the prison phone system. | 21-Jul 2010| | Prosecutors provide judge recordings of conversations between Jose Baez and Robin Lunceford. | 29-Jul 010| | Roy Kronk deposed by defense. | 05-Aug 2010| | Letters from Cindy Anthony to jailed daughter declare her “undying love”. | 06-Aug 2010| | Judge denies defense motions to declare the death penalty unconstitutional. | 11-Aug 2010| | Defense accuses Mark NeJame, representing Texas EquuSearch, of self-promotion. | 14-Aug 2010| | Cindy and George Anthony appear on the Today Show. Cindy characterizes Casey as a victim and insists Casey had nothing to do with Caylee’s death. | 20-Aug 2010| | Judge allows defense to examine EquuSearch records. | 28-Aug 010| | Children of Love Foundation distances itself from George and Cindy Anthony after receiving negative attention regarding donations of shoes and toys. | 04-Sep 2010| | Defense deposes police officers. | 10-Sep 2010| | Defense deposes Detective Yuri Melich. | 14-Sep 2010| | Defense team adds lawyers Ann Finell of Jacksonville, Dorothy Clay Sims of Ocala, and Charles Greene of Orlando. | 15-Sep 2010| | Jurors will be sequestered. | 19-Sep 2010| | Defense visits the “Body Farm” at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee where samples from Casey’s car were tested. 28-Sep 2010| | Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia deposed. | 04-Oct 2010| | Defense says evidence cuts both ways and hints new witnesses could prove someone else killed Caylee. | 07-Oct 2010| | Defense seeks additional time to review EquuSearch documents. | 19-Oct 2010| | Defense moves to seal jail visitation records. State officials challenge Casey’s legal expenses. | 22-Oct 2010| | Linda Kenney-Baden departs Casey’s defense. | 25-Oct 2010| | Zenaida Gonzalez’s lawyers ask to question Robyn Adams. | 02-Nov 010| | The prosecution releases a thousand or more pages of documents. | 29-Nov 2010| | Judge Belvin Perry denies a motion made by prosecutors to order Casey Anthony’s defense team to turn over information about their expert witnesses’ contracts, communications, and billing records. | 14-Dec 2010| | Judge Belvin Perry gives Casey Anthony’s defense permission to bill the state for additional hours worked by a defense investigator, noting bills may or may not be paid. | 2011| |  | 06-Jan 2011| | Judge Belvin Perry sanctions Casey Anthony’s defense attorney, Jose Baez, $583. 3 in prosecutor’s attorney’s fees for “willful violation” to turn over expert witness discovery information to prosecutors. | 13-Jan 2011| | Casey Anthony defense attorney, Jose Baez, pays $583. 73 penalty for failing to turn over witness information to prosecutors. | 10-Feb 2011| | Judge denies multiple motions regarding testimony allowed in trial, allowing Casey’s MySpace entries and messages from Cindy while Caylee was missing, allowing testimony about Casey’s “history of lying or stealing”, and permitting limited testimony related to Casey’s sexual history. 21-Feb 2011| | Prosecutors move to hold Jose Baez held in contempt stemming from missed deadline. | 02-Mar 2011| | Three day evidentiary hearing includes testimony from Anthonys (George, Cindy and Lee) and Orange County Sheriff’s detectives John Allen and Yuri Melich. | 04-Mar 2011| | State drops motion to find Jose Baez in contempt after he apologizes during hearing. | 15-Mar 2011| | Defense expert Dr. Werner Spitz says scientific evidence doesn’t prove homicide, despite Dr. Jan Garavaglia ruling to the contrary. | 16-Mar 011| | Court documents reveal costs to move Robyn Adams from Tallahassee to the trial will be covered by Orange County. | 17-Mar 2011| | Orange County court administrators claim state budget cuts could jeopardize the trial. | 18-Mar 2011| | Judge rules Casey’s statements to detectives before hiring an attorney are permitted at trial. | 24-Mar 2011| | Defense argues use of cadaver dogs isn’t scientifically accurate for use in trial. | 28-Mar 2011| | State deposes private investigator Dominic Casey regarding his search for Caylee’s remains site months before discovery. 01-Apr 2011| | After numerous outbursts by lawyers about scientific evidence, Judge rules any further commotion would cost counsel $100 each, to be donated to United Way. | 04-Apr 2011| | The Orange County Clerk of Courts receives a handwritten false motion from Curtis Jackson, inmate at a Michigan prison, calling for removal of Jose Baez. Jackson claims to act on Casey’s behalf because she lacks competence to file motion herself. | 21-Apr 2011| | Judge rules analysis of stain in the trunk of Casey’s car will be allowed as evidence. | 26-Apr 011| | Judge allows evidence of heart-shaped sticker found on duct tape near Caylee’s body and strands of hair found in Casey’s car trunk. | 27-Apr 2011| | Judge denies defense motion to exclude evidence of chloroform in Casey’s trunk, as well as Google searches for “chloroform” and “how to make chloroform” on the Anthony family’s home computer. | 02-May 2011| | Judge informs two attorneys (one each side) where jury selection will be held. Judge says he will reveal location to news outlets who sign non-disclosure agreement on 8 May, the day before trial, which can not be publicly reported until 08:00 the morning of jury selection. 04-May 2011| | George and Cindy Anthony request private meeting with Casey before the trial, but judge denies privacy request. Casey Anthony refuses meeting. | 06-May 2011| | Appeals court in Daytona Beach allows Judge Perry to not disclose site of jury selection until morning of 9 May, but rules against members of the media signing a confidentiality agreement to learn venue early. | 08-May 2011| | Casey Anthony booked into Pinellas County Jail, Clearwater, Florida. | 09-May 2011| | Court begins jury selection, interviewing jurors summoned to the Pinellas County Courthouse.

Judge denies motion to exclude air samples and evidence pertaining to a “smell of death” in trunk of Casey’s car. | 10-May 2011| | Judge dismisses a panel of 50 jurors after a Texas Equusearch volunteer and potential juror discusses case with other jurors. | 11-May 2011| | First round of jury questioning finished, with a 3-day total of 69 jurors retained. Judge holds juror Jonathan Green in contempt of court for talking to reporters about case during court recess. Mitigation specialist Rosalie Bolin (married to serial killer Oscar Ray Bolin via telephone) joins defense team. 17-May 2011| | Jury selection passes trial’s originally scheduled start date. Attorneys ‘back-strike’ to dismiss retained jurors, reducing total panel to 11. | 18-May 2011| | Judge declares recess after just one juror was questioned and excused. Judge lectured attorneys he wants a jury seated in time for trial to begin Monday, 23 May. | 20-May 2011| | Judge empanels jury of 5 men and 7 women, plus alternates consisting of 3 men and 2 women. | 24-May 2011| | Trial officially commences, scheduled six days a week, excluding Sundays. | 15-Jun 011| | Prosecution concludes its case against Casey Anthony. Judge denies summary judgment and dismissal. Defense begins its case. | 16-Jun 2011| | Sheriff’s Office receives information inmate April Whalen’s child died in 2007 in virtually identical circumstances claimed by Casey, leading prosecutors to suspect Casey concocted her scenario from inmate’s story. | 23-Jun 2011| | Cindy Anthony testifies she must have made the computer searches for chloroform while researching chlorophyll on 17 and 21 March. | 30-Jun 2011| | Defense rests.

Casey Anthony declines to testify. | 03-Jul 2011| | During rebuttal, Jose Baez erupts in anger, pointing a finger at “that laughing guy”, prosecutor Jeff Ashton, who fails to realize while the judge can’t see sniggering and sneering, cameras can. An angry Judge Perry retires the jury and demands the attorneys watch the video replay. Ashton declines, accepting whatever the court’s will. Baez asks the judge not to punish Ashton. Judge Perry indicates he’ll take it under advisement. | 04-Jul 2011| | Following surrebuttal, the case is handed over to the jury. 05-Jul 2011| | Jury returns NOT GUILTY on the three most serious charges including first degree murder, voting guilty only on the four misdemeanor charges of lying to authorities. | 17-Jul 2011| | Casey Anthony’s release date, calculated as four consecutive 1-year year sentences less time served and credit for good behavior. | | © 2010-2011 Permission to reference or use all or parts of this timeline granted. Attribution requested. Errors and ommissions are unintentional. Actions and events are alleged. Parties are considered innocent until proven otherwise.


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