Cat has a private passageway Essay

Popping in and out of the house at will is the privilege of this
feline supplied with an easy-to-make cat passage.

Installed in an outside wall, the passage extends from a doorless
opening flush with the wall’s exterior to the interior of the
house, where it protrudes as a small, closed box. The upward-sloping
bottom of this box lifts to let Jeffrey enter the passage to get
outside. When he comes back in, he nudges the box’s flat top up.

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Placing food at each end of the passage and propping the box open
at first got Jeffrey used to the device. Untrained neighboring cats and
wild animals have yet to figure it out.

John Stengel of Berkeley made Jeffrey’s passageway out of
1/2-inch plywood with 3/4-inch trim around the opening in the interior
wall. The passage is 7 inches wide, 8 inches high, and extends 7-1/2
inches through the wall. The 8-1/2-inch bottom of the box angles upward
at 30[Deg.], extends 7-1/2 inches into the room, and measures about
1-1/2 inches from the floor at its lowest point.


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