Catechism Case Sample Essay

Catechism is one of the many ways to function and unrecorded Jesus. This is where you offer your clip to your pupils. learn them how to populate the life to it’s fullnest and to holiness. This is my happy Christmas party with my pupils in Public School because I appreciate non merely the love of my pupils for us but besides the attempt I exerted.

the clip I have offered. the joy and the love I shared to them and ofcourse myself itself. We played. we cheered. and we gave them some clip to appreciate their schoolmates like giving them clip to confirm each other. Before the party has started. there is this flicker and as we play the games.

how we shout for heartening and all. we all know that our lessons is in it and as Don Bosco says. “Run.

leap. drama. cry. but ne’er wickedness.

” we all did it! To all the memories and lessons we had. I know that these pupils of ours have been populating Jesus in their life even though sometimes they can non detect it.There was this clip when we asked what is the coming. we are glad that they already knew it and all of them is take parting the lesson really good which ofcourse for us is a mission accomplished because we know that they understand the lesson and they can associate to it. And as we talk about the wickednesss. I am aghast when I ask them if there is one of them who says bad word/s and they all like “Si Fatah Revolutionary Council Po. siya po” and I don’t cognize what to state at foremost because they are merely Grade 6 but so I realized that is this how the immature people act today? And ofcourse. the media has consequence on them and they are now exposed to the things that is non good for their age and I understand more because I am older than them and I felt what people who are older than me feels when I’m making something that is non appropriate or incorrect.

And so. I merely happen myself explicating to them why this is bad. why they need to avoid this sort of attitude and all.And I am a happy because they understood what I have merely said and still believing because I know it is non traveling to alter at all. I mean it will be hard on their portion particularly when they are making this and we.

who are stating them what is right from incorrect. are non traveling to remain in their life everlastingly and we can non command the people or the universe that they can see to their milieus and might hold an consequence to them either good or bad but still I am happy because they are seeking and I told them to non to be easy affected on what they can see or hear and to believe first and really cognize what is right from incorrect and make it. And christmas party may be the last clip we met each other and have fun. but so I know and I am happy knowing that I had become a good influence to them and to be besides portion of their life. I am still praying for my pupils and I know that God will non allow them travel.

I hope that my pupils besides learn to allow travel and allow God particularly when they are aching and it’s clip to confront the hereafter and to non be scared and face it with bravery. supplication. and trust to our one and merely God.


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