Cathay Pacific airlines Essay


Cathay Pacific is a successful airlines in the airlines industry, it also is a Hong Kong based airlines. Cathay Pacific is now growing as the most famous airlines in Hong Kong and put itself onto the international platform. Cathay Pacific currently ranks as the world’s 8th most profitable airline (net profit)* and the 17th largest airline in the world by operating revenue. Also Cathay Pacific is ranked 11th-largest in the world in terms of revenue passenger kilometers and 4th-largest in freight ton kilometers. ( Air Transport World, 2012)

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Attracting Potential Customers

Cathay Pacific attracts its customers through some “attractiveness factors” which are mainly related to the services such as: price, promotions, special offers etc. Cathay Pacific is committed to continually improving its customer services. The airline has invested more than US$1 billion in facilities at Hong Kong International Airport, including a corporate headquarters, one of the world’s biggest catering facilities, aircraft maintenance facilities, airport lounges and a new cargo terminal.

Managing Employees

Its employees are well trained, morals, they have the ability to offer help for all customers from different age, and they had attended some health and safety training. Every airline company must be efficient in some common areas related to its customers.

Managing its finances

Airlines have to sustain their business which control with their costs and gain revenue in the industry ( Morrell,2007) “The company’s fuel-hedging gain was better-than- expected,” Cathay booked HK$962 million in realized fuel-hedging gains and HK$1.2 billion in unrealized mark-to-market gains in the first half. Realized gains refer to contracts that have already been used to buy fuel. Unrealized ones are still outstanding and their value will change in line with fluctuations in fuel prices.


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