Cathleen Ni Houlihan Sample Essay

Cathleen Ni Houlihan is a drama written by William Butler Yeats. The scene of Cathleen Ni Houlihan is Killala. Killala is a little small town.

which located in Ballina. Ireland. It is an of import topographic point in Irish history. Before Ireland gained independency from Britain through the Irish War of Independence in the terminal of 1921 or in the center of 1922 ( It is merely approximative since the exact day of the month could non be found ) . three Irish Rebellions occurred in 1641. 1798 and 1916 severally.

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Irish Rebellion 1798 which happened in Killala Bay has its narrative told on the drama of Cathleen Ni Houlihan. Harmonizing to Irish fable. Cathleen Ni Houlihan every bit known as Poor Old Woman.

which translated from Sean-Bhean Bhocht. is a personification of Ireland. In my sentiment. Cathleen Ni Houlihan is a mirror of the spirit of Irish integrity. It showed Yeats’ nationalism excessively. We could turn out it through some lines in the drama. For illustration.

Old adult female said “The hope of acquiring my beautiful Fieldss back once more ; the hope of seting the aliens out of my house. ” The Fieldss that mentioned in the drama are mentioning to four states of Ireland. There are Connaught. Ulster. Leinster and Munster.Besides.

the aliens refer to those English people who invaded Ireland. She can ne’er rest until the English left the topographic point and returned all the lands back to her. Second. Michael shows his love for his state by fall ining the rebellion war voluntarily. From the really beginning of the narrative. it is clearly show that Peter and Bridget are concerned in Michael’s marrying readying whereas Patrick is more interested in the noise exterior. Peter has built his wealth from abrasion so Bridge attaches great importance to Michael’s nuptials but Peter is more occupied himself with the money ( Delia’s luck ) that Michael brings back.

Through the Patrick’s line “Will Delia retrieve. make you believe. to convey the greyhound whelp she promised me when she would be coming to the house? ” we know that Delia is from a affluent household because Lords in Ireland like to maintain greyhound as a pet.


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