Cause of Pre-marital Sex Essay

The Causes and Effects of Pre-marital SexPre-marital sex is a sexual activity involved by people who are not married. Pre-marital sex is considered illegal and immoral as its outcomes will definitely lead to another string of unethical behaviour as well as going against the law. The number of teenagers who are involved in pre-marital sex are increasing and this is considered as a huge issue in today’s society.

Pre-marital sex occurs due to several reasons such as environmental influences, the use of alcohol and drugs and little parental monitoring, and it will eventually causes a few dire consequences to the society, family and teenagers itself, such as, the possible side effects associated with contraceptives, unwanted pregnancies, abortion and the risks of getting HIV, AIDS or some other STDs. First and foremost, it is claimed that pre-marital sex generally happens due to environmental influences (Kipp & Jimenez, 2012). “Everyone is doing it” is an ordinary perception about sex outside of marriage in today’s society. The society have considered that pre-marital sex is a social norm and the idea of it is being implanted and promoted via commercial lines into people’s mind-set. The cultural change and the system of moral values have also reinforced and strengthen the public to accept the idea of pre-marital sex, so, it may appear that the people who are having pre-marital sex are significantly higher in amount.

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(Kipp & Jimenez, 2012).Another factor that leads to pre-marital sex from happening is the use of alcohol and drugs (Graves & Leigh, 1995). This is because the usage of drugs and alcohol are more likely to affect people from making a correct reasoning and clear decision-making. These two substances can cloud people’s judgment and even depress the impediment towards sexual overtures. It can be said that people who are drunk do not aware of what they are doing. They are unconscious and unaware about what is happening around them. They do things involuntarily. According to the American Sexual Health Association (n.

d.), a study have showed that about one-third of young people said that they have “done more” sexually after taking drugs and alcohol than they usually would have when sober. In addition, teens that use alcohol or drugs are getting a higher chance to have sex than those who do not use alcohol. Furthermore, it is less likely to be figuring out suitably whether to use a condom or not; or use them in a correct way. Consequently, the possibility of getting unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases will be relatively higher.

Therefore, it is not strange to see people feel remorse after they are sober. To make things even worse, there are some people who actually make use the influence of other drugs and alcohol to pressure another people to have sex with him or her. When people talk about pre-marital sex that happens among teenagers, parents will more likely be the first one to blame.

Lagina (2002) suggested that the lack of parental control and monitoring might cause young people to engage themselves in activities that risk their health as they feel unconnected to family, home and school. In other word, youth may feel themselves deprive of family love, warmth, attention and caring. On the other hand, if parents assert or implant the value of their children, teenagers are more often evolve good, positive, healthy behaviours about themselves.Despite the fact that parents want their children to learn more about abstinence, contraception as well as prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, parents usually found themselves facing challenges or embarrassment communicating about sex( Lagina ,2002). In many cases, many youth feel uncomfortable in discussing about sex with their parents due to cultural hurdles (Wong, 2012 ).

Likewise, practising good communication between parents and youth tremendously assists teenagers to develop personal values and to make healthy choices and judgment. In an extensive research, the survey showed that teenagers who reported feeling attached to family and their parents were more likely to holdback initiating sexual activity than other teens. Youth reported less or even no drugs intake and little psychological conflicts than their friends because their parents, family and home were caring and warm (Lagina , 2002).

To sum up, parents do strongly influence their children’s sexual attitudes. Parents should care and pay more attention towards their children.Also, they should be well prepared in discussing individual development, relationships, and sex with teenagers. These three main causes planted the seeds of a great possibility for pre-marital sex to occur, and the impacts are being felt by some people who involved themselves in sex outside marriage. It is true that pre-marital sex has its consequences.

Unfortunately, when he or she realise the devastating effects that occur on themselves, it is too late to regret.


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