Cellular Biology Lab Homework Essay

Protein ladder (in Dalton). Lane 2, purified protein X (affinity chromatography). Lane 3, purified protein X (company manufactured).

Lane 4, elution buffer. A. What is the benefit of a protein ladder/molecular weight marker in an SD-PAGE gel? Describe what you can learn about the protein bands found in lanes 2, 3 and 4 based on the protein ladder bands. B. Positive and negative controls are absolutely essential to the validity of experimental data.

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In this gel above, which lanes contain the positive and negative controls?Describe the information you can deduce by impairing and contrasting the negative control and lane 2 protein bands. C. Describe the information you can deduce by comparing and contrasting the positive control lane and lane 2 protein bands. D. You don’t know the molecular weight (MM) of protein X and you are not able to find that information in the scientific literature.

The best way to determine the MM of a protein using an SD-PAGE gel is to use the protein ladder bands to create a Log(MM) vs.. RFC graph and calculate the MM from the line of best fit.What is the equation to calculate the Roof protein band? Make a table of the Log(MM) and the Revalues for all 5 protein ladder bands.

Describe any trends you see in the table values. Sketch a scatter plot of the data (log of MM on the y-axis). 4 [pats]Len lab 9, we will use detrimental centrifugation to separate cauliflower cell organelles into individual fractions. Describe the basic principles of differential centrifugation. Discuss why a relatively low speed centrifuge spins enough to separate nuclei from a cell Alyssa while chloroplasts and lissome require a higher speeds to separate. .

16 pats] You needed prepare 200 LU of each protein at a concentration of 1 MGM/ml for an upcoming experiment. Calculate the recipe to make each desired solution at the above concentration and volume.


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