Julio Cesar Chavez Family Essay

This quote means, one’s, one can” or miss, it can be done. ” This slogan was Nell known during Cesar Shave’s protests and is still widely known by the American- Hispanic community. Cesar Shaved was born on March 31, 1927 in Yum, Arizona. He NAS born into an American-Mexican family of six children. His parents, Juan Stared and Labrador Shaved, named him after his grandfather, Corsair.

His family owned a grocery store and ranch, but, during the Great Depression, his family was forced to ell their land. His father also had to sell their house in exchange for the deed to the house, which was broken. His father was not able to buy the house back so his family decided to move to California and become migrant farm workers. He and his family moved from place to place to pick seasonal fruits from all over California. They picked everything from peas and lettuce to grapes and cotton.

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After quitting school in the tenth grade, at the age of 15, after having worked on the farm for many years, he decided to Join the united States Navy at the age of seventeen, where he served two ears. Upon returning, he married his high school sweetheart, Helen Fable, and moved to San Jose, California. After moving to San Jose with his new wife, he began to Nor on the fields once again. He then Joined the CSS, a Latino civil rights group. Nile in that group, Shaved urged Mexican Americans to register and vote as well as traveled throughout California and made speeches about workers’ rights and how the farm workers could defend them.

However, this was not his biggest achievement. His biggest achievement was the creation of his own association, called the NFW. Shaved created the National Farm Works Association with his friend, Dolores Hauteur. Ere group was later named the United Farm Workers. This organization was formed due to a strike known as the Delano Grape Strike during which Filipino- American farm workers stopped picking grapes because they were paid below minimum wage. Shaved strongly agreed with the farm workers and supported them.

This activity led to other strikes that Shaved formed such as the Salad Bowl strike so that farm workers could win even higher wages from employers that sold grapes and lettuce. In 1980, Shaved led another strike regarding the use of pesticide on grapes. In support of this strike, many cars had bumper suckers stating, “NO GRAPES,” and Its translation, “AVGAS NO. ” Shaved also participated In a number of fasts, In which people would gather around town halls only drinking water until their problems were solved, to help the Mexican community make their causes be heard.

The fasts were influenced by the Catholic tradition of penance, meaning repentance of sins as well as Sandhog’s fasts and emphasis on nonviolence and equality. Through all these actions, It becomes very evident that Cesar Shaved was a man “ho had a very caring attitude towards other people’s problems, especially In the Hispanic-American community. Cesar Shave’s legacy will live on for many generations and remind everyone that equality Is a natural right that everyone has In the US, citizen or not. ‘Is, SE puddle,” announced Cesar Shaved during his fight for Hispanic immigrant equality.


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