Cesar Chavez Cause Of Death Essay

Thanks to all the efforts of this man and all of those who stood behind him and followed his footsteps he was able to not only help millions of farm workers finally receive Improvements in the conditions that they faced such as harsh working conditions, poor treatment and long hours but also was able to achieve all of this without ever clenching halls fists.

I’m talking about Cesar Shaved. BODY: Cesar Shaved was born on March 31. 1927 In a small town In the north gala river valley outside Yum Arizona. Sadly at a young age his family lost all of their land during the great oppression and were forced to move to California and become migrant farm workers.When Cesar reached the 7th grade he decided that he was going to drop out of school and become a full time migrant worker to take the place of this mother because he no longer wanted his mother to suffer as a migrant worker, he worked in the fields until 1952. Soon after he became an organizer for the community service organization and continued to climb his way up the ladder until he became the president of the united farm workers of America where he led the very first successful farm workers union.All of his life he had been exposed to the horrible treatment that farm workers received and he knew that this had been going on for too long and that there needed to be a change he was also aware that the position he had of being a president was not only going to help him achieve the dream he had to stop unjust treatment on field workers but also to protect our green space by restricting the use of pesticides that were used in the fields so families living in disadvantaged communities could breathe in clean air and drink safe water.Cesar had many great characteristics that everyone can look up too, personally what I admire in him is that even after being let down several times he never gave up on what he wanted he always found inner strength within himself to keep going.

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My grandfather was one of the thousands of people that stood behind him using non violent means such as marches and boycotts to get their points across, It must be so difficult to not get aggressive after being pushed down so many times which Is another reason why I admire Cesar so much.My grandfather would always tell me Tories about him participating In this movement and how Cesar had such a strong presence but was the humblest person he had ever meet. Ceases famous motto which was chanted at all his event was “is SE puddle” which means “yes, we can” has always inspired me to never give up on all the things that I want to accomplish. CONCLUSION: Cesar Shaved showed the powerless that they had the inner strength to move mountains, he led a non violent revolution that improved our nation and also improved the lives of millions who worked under the scorching sun bringing in the arrives to feed everyone.It was Cesar who reminded our nation that work was more than Just a source of income, work is also a source of dignity. 596782 finally receive improvements in the conditions that they faced such as harsh working Introit ever clenching his fists. I’m talking about Cesar Shaved.

BODY: Cesar Shaved Nas born on March.


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