Cesar Chavez EC Essay

Cesar Shaved Extra Credit ere movie documentary on Cesar was very inspiring, all the fight he did Just to try and make a change. He took a stand for farm workers, being exposed to pesticides and how it is harmful. Eventually some laws did pass and at the time were for the pesticides used then. He started this organization in 1962 the United Farm Workers. A month into his last fast he had lost 30 pounds, and other doctors had to come in and reexamine him for his health.

His boycott against the grapes really was a long Orkney for him. The thing I found interesting was the masses they attended and how politicians would even show up to those masses and see what it was about. His 36th day of fasting was his last day which was a Sunday and he got to eat a little piece of bread. For a week he had to stay on fluids though before going back to eating regular food. That day many people attended the mass it was a big thing to see him come out from his fasting, but it didn’t mean he was going to stop fighting.

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He then later passed on in 1993 where 50,000 people had showed up and attended the funeral, It lust goes to show how big of an Impact and leader he was too many people. His story is truly amazing the courage he had to get things done, the motivation. He led a lot of people and was the spoke person for them all. I really liked watching the video learning more about him, which I didn’t know much about. Unfortunately there are still problems with the working conditions and farming and people are afraid to speak up.


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