Challenges of Groups and Teams Essay

Challenges of Groups and Teams Chris Laitinen LDR-531 April 25, 2013 Rick Anderson Challenges of Groups and Teams Acquiring a well-diversified team like Three Guys and a Lily has developed a strategic effectiveness leadership training plan for our team. Developing a leadership training plan is a motivating for our group. The team has inspiration in their job satisfaction, and performance to our customer team has an open door policy on our team decisions. This team of four is secure in their positions, and less likely to leave the organization.Three guys, and a Lily is the role model of what a true organization teamwork making our organization be successful.

Acquiring a team like Three Guys, and a Lily I am learning what it takes to be a leader in an organization. In this paper I will be explaining how, I fit in this organization training plan and how I will help my organization success. What types of challenges I may face and how to address those issues. My personality is a Go Getter personality in my assessment results. This type of personality is less open, less indirect than most other steadiness styles.The results say I am task- focused, and that I think through a project in a quick short-term plan. I have an easygoing personality, and I am very helpful in establishing boundaries or assigning specific jobs duties to my teammates.

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In my leadership style my results came back as dominance styles, interactive styles, steadiness style, and the cautious style. These types of sub-standards in my leadership are good things like demonstrating as an open listener, working with a team, extremely reliable, and following through with tasks.However, it could also cause some concerns like over sensitive personality that could slow me down to get a project started and include poor goal settings. Using these types of good styles in a leadership training plan will help me to listen to my team, and customers in our organization. With my leadership skills I have good styles as a team player within my organization. Another leadership I carry well is showing loyalty to my organization, and customers our team takes care of on a daily bases.However, some leadership styles I have can cause some unique challenges in our organization as well like showing oversensitive to a situation, or I may frustrate a team member about my leadership skills.

Another issue that could cause a problem in my leadership skills may be slow to start a project. My team may have a deadline to get something accomplished, and I may struggle to get our project started. The final leadership goal I have a challenge in our team organization is producing a poor goal settings partner.This could cause some unique challenge to my team if they are expecting me to pull my weight through a project with a specific goal they have set insight.

These types of unique challenges could cause a problem for my team, and I will have to work with my team in my leadership training to make our team a successful organization. Developing the knowledge about my leadership training skills I can put forth a plan to make myself succeeded with my team, and organization. I will use the good leadership skills I have developed, and use them in my team organization.Showing loyalty to my team with my good leadership skills is what will make our team successful. Possessing some challenges in my leadership training skills. I do not want to disappoint my team or customers. So I will put a training plan into action that will help me to prevent frustration with my organization.

Making the best of my training will help reduce or eliminate any unique challenges to Three Guys and a Lily leadership goals, or customers of our organization.


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