Chapter 1 Introduction The changes in the communication that readers used are noticeable in online social platform for popular book for readers and fans

Chapter 1
The changes in the communication that readers used are noticeable in online social platform for popular book for readers and fans. In the past decade readers of popular literature interact and read through the books in the libraries but in the present they interact through online with the use of computers, tablets and smartphone.

In (2006), Ivan Yuen and Allan Lau created this YouTube Writers also known as a Wattpad. Wattpad is an online platform that bagging a largest community for finding and sharing stories for the readers and writers to be link each other for free.
Hemus, (2013), wrote that wattpad has found its right place in terms of online community. Hemus, (2013), added that wattpad is continuously garnering 16.9 million of readers all over the world per month and recording of thirty (30) minutes spent in reading per visit.

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Reading is a process of viewing of written symbols that can derive meaning to it. We used are eyes to gain written symbols and with the help of using are minds to decode what we are reading to draw a conclusion. Reading is also a receptive skills because of it we get the information, but the complex process of reading must to require the speaking skill for us to pronounce words that we read to make it successful.
Writing is not a mother tongue, but it is an instruments used to construct language to be read. A method of human communication that portray a language and feelings with indication, and logo. It is also a learning operation of shaping occurrence into text, authorizing the writer to discover, expand, illuminate, and communicate through emotions.
The common problem of a student encounters is the difficulty of making a creative writing piece, because they cannot generate new ideas without the help of other information that they read on the online platform they called wattpad.

This study will be conducted to know if reading wattpad stories has a big impact or influence in the writing skills of are participants and also to evaluate if there is a big change in their writing skill or it can be beneficial to apply the techniques of the author in creating a writing piece.

Research Questions
This study will answer the specific questions such as;
Central Question
What is it like to read wattpad?
How do you find the stories read from wattpad?
What are their effects in your writing skills?
How does it help develop your writing skills?
To what extent does reading wattpad contribute to your writing skills?
Benefits and Beneficiaries
The result of this study will be beneficial to the following:
To the students, the result will serve as potent tool for them to read wattpad as an effective way to enhance their writing skills.

To the teachers, the result of this will serve as an effective tool for them in order to help students improve their writing skills.

To the parents, the result of this will serve as a guide for them to motivate their children in reading wattpad stories during leisure time to improving the writing skills.

To the administrators, the result of this will convince them to implement reading remediation using wattpad stories as an intervention.

Scope and Delimitation
This study will focuses to the influence of reading wattpad stories to the writing skills of the students.

The eight (8) participants will be purposively selected Senior High School students of Kabacan National High School located at Mapanao Street, Kabacan, North Cotabato.
This will start on July and will end on September 2018, the data will be collected using open-ended question through interview to get reliable data of this study.

Definition of Terms
Influence- effect to the writing skills of the students
Grade 12 – students of Kabacan National High School which will serve as the participants of the study
Wattpad- is an online reading material that students use in reading
Writing Skills- refers to the ability of the students in writing

Chapter 2
Literature Review
Reading is a process where we can generate the idea of creating a creative writing piece, reading is a foundation of a good writing skills.

Based on the study of Zaidah Zainal, Siti Hajar Binti, Mohamad Binti, and Fakulti Pendidikan entitled A Study on the Effects of Reading on Writing Performance among Faculty of Civil Engineering Students, it was proven that reading has a positive effect on the students writing.

In addition (Kavruk et. al 2006, Kataray, 2011) stated that to develop the writing skill of a students’ it must be related to his or her attitude in writing , students must encourage to assure that their writing ability can be learn rather that they see it as a talent.
According to Roy Harris (2000), he affirm that the information in the printed text does not given an advance thinking sometimes it can be given at all, because most of the time it is created by the interaction of the readers and writers as the participants of the communication setting.
However, many academics unfavorable see the wattpad as the developer of literature language because it can renounce the proper usage of grammar for the language of the masses, does not grant the basic grammar. (Chua, 2015; Lua 2016).

According to Aric and Ungan (2012), reading is a way of expressing feelings and thoughts that requires linguistic grammatical and reasonable thinking, while on the other side writing is a mental activity that help the conscious and sub- conscious to be as one and unite.

John Espiritu (March 4, 2016), claim that in a certain country does not usually patronize the culture of reading and writing, the best way for that certain country to become successful in the field of arts it must come from their student self-first to practice the culture of reading and writing.

Writing is a knowledge of arranging information in the intellectual dictionary and explaining in a logical order; it is successful in aspect of enticing ability of the narrative; and it is active in the sense of engaging writing with muscle movement. Kovkal, (2013).

Media communication technology and its fast development had a dramatic effect to the readers and fan of popular literature. (Lui, 2005; Pearson, 2011).

The e-literature community is the biggest community on the web which allowing people to read and enjoy the story for free and they can create their own story through writing to share it online. Popescu, (2013).

Jenkins, (2008), new technologies have the power to affect the readers perception in life that may result to extreme influence to their actions, the way they think and their interaction with people may change.
Further, Biagi, (2005) wrote that in the modern period, the use of mass communication become a way of life of the people who exist this time. Biagi, (2005), added that in order to be link we need to be wireless.
Furthermore, Landouni and Diaz, (2003), believe that electronic book has a part on the educational learning of the students. In fact the electronic learning most of the students found it easier to access information.

Dadzie, (2008), stated that reading is a skills to know and to use document knowledge for personal growth and development to be the foundation of a good writing skill.

Theoretical Lens
When it comes to reading comprehension, printed words are important, but the cognitive and experiences of the reader lead to the process of creating meaning from a text. In the 1970s, educational researcher Louise Rosenblatt change the reading instruction with that theory. Rosenblatt claimed that reading comprehension resulted to the transaction between the reader and the written word. To apply transactional theory, teachers must show students how to use what they read and what they know to build meaning.

Transactional theory proposes that the relationship between reader and text, they are inseparable, because they need to read a certain text to draw a conclusion about the text.


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