Chapter 1 Introduction We are going to discuss about research topic

Chapter 1
We are going to discuss about research topic. Body image sensation and athlete performance research measure athlete strategies. How to achieve life goal face further issues in previous research we are explaining our topic athlete issues. Both our society especially for girl athlete negative point how can female face this society problem and achieve their goal . Athlete male and female easily understand good performance I have to hard work for this team to become a member physical activity enhance understood sports everyone instruction follow I have decide that I will do it face any issues .i will fight and face any issues.
1.1 Problem statement
We will discuss different issues about athlete. Any type of field athlete face different issue not only face issues female athlete but both male and female athlete issue face maintain body team coach help athlete coach leader of group suggest different idea maintain our body . Athlete join first time field and join different field. For example: cricket, basketball, running, tug of war golf ball, bowling etc. Male and female face issues body fat and thinness. male and female athlete maintain body fitness join gym .in our society athlete girl not a consider belong to good Nobel family .female athlete issues face pregnancy days weight gain and limit weight decrease body weight or body fat is related to the demand of their sport or coach. Uniforms for female athlete reveling suit both gender suggest reveling suit perform easily. Our society issue athlete dresses opinion believes and thought negative according to female athlete .sport girls’ healthy competition with other female show physical and attractiveness. We are going to discuss further specifically about women and reference to main boxing are made only in order to indicate the symbolic significance to a specific from of sporting maleness which signifies difference from femaleness .the discourse of men, s boxing that I use override class and racial difference between male boxes and suggest a homogeneous masculinity .specially gender relation of power one reason women boxing in the first place is because appear and deconstruct boundaries. Athlete and other person body difference .more specially difference sensation of self-body motion without a voluntary motion of the user by providing physical motion body of the real body. The sensation of self-body motion generate by not only a visually induced. But sensation of the body passively evoked the other user cognition research following cognitive mechanism and sensory display system. Our research indicates some physical efforts and motor performances can be maintained. Athlete’s performance may include in exercise. When a player mentally disturb he cannot able to do their duty efficiently.
1.2 General introduction
Solution of athlete different kind issues face physical and environment society. Physical issue face both gender athlete .but environment and society issue face only female athlete society belief negative thought face daily. Ignore focus our career society negative belief change through the source of mass media. Physical issues both gender athlete solve problem join gym and maintain body use healthy food.
1.3 Variable
In our research we will use variable body image, sensation it relate to sport social – attractiveness both male and female athlete maintain our body. This shows audience participant has been criticized. Sport athlete both male and female thin body shape and low body weight compare another team with success. Sport athlete social attractiveness ideal thin body more satisfied with their body consider sport ideal. Body image measure sensation behavior affect complex factor. Body satisfaction and dis-satisfaction.
1.4 Population
In our study we choose specific two athlete cricket and basketball player population male and female both athlete in our research to judge and measure athlete quality performance level of competition body satisfaction and dis-satisfaction one of important factor healthy and unhealthy weight related behavior factor complex . Other type of sport in our research choose specific two athlete cricket and basketball player level of competition. Age player age 13 to30 and gender both male and female.
1.5 Literature review
We doing research on variable body image sensation assess feeling and attitude body image refer athlete his / her physical characteristic and mental image physical activity .sport is relate to self- perfection positive and negative body image. Positive body image lead to self-esteem high negative body image leads to self-esteem low. Low self-esteem athlete face health problem issues anxiety depression eating disorder. Body dissatisfaction predicts especially athlete women. High self-esteem athlete men and women body image positive athlete his /her competition international level and low self-esteem negative body image athlete his / her competition national level. Previous researches show that athlete societal attractiveness ideal shared member regardless same sex of sexual orientation. Body image sensation athlete positive, negative thought and feeling effect in performance. Body image measured athlete that influence outcome performance and daily life sport. Study the previous literature we doing to study literature review refer a collection of material our topic is a simple summary of source which we are going to use current research .Previous research should need to read.
1.6 Research statement
This research is necessary for our society .specially for athlete and body image sensation so that we know body power and health athlete performance. People also can change their life and improve their performance according to this research .research should be logical. Specific population also necessary for our research .
1.7 Rationale
This research is necessary for our society as a weak athlete face difficulty in tug of war different type sport cricket basketball runner. In our research we discuss issues specific type of athlete cricket and basketball player population both male and female. But athlete cope successfully different issues face health problem and maintain body socially attractiveness athlete female and male pressure coaches concerned body shape. In our research investigation highly trained athlete investigation both issues faces daily life previous research need to be read in current research provide basis for future research. our research indicate physical efforts and motor performance body maintain . Athletes performance include exercise prepare physically and mentally achieve goal. Previous research explains positive and negative issues satisfaction, dissatisfaction low and high self -esteem .low self- esteem bad effect in athlete performance. We can write the same point forward detail in current research .athlete trained in sports skills and his performance is much great and physically fit. Low satisfaction with body shape and physical characteristic to improve performance. Dis-satisfaction with their body unhealthy behavior or response effect negative emotion. Athlete have unique characteristic. She cannot give her performance efficiently. She faces troubles in play games. Same that other athlete also have some their own issues.
1.8 Objectives
To determine relation exist between body image and sensation athlete performance physical activity and sports. Physical activity and sports is related to self – concept and positive body image. Athlete body image, sensation positive and negative assesses feeling and attitude. Body image disturbance are related to the body changes strategies satisfaction and dis-satisfaction.
1.9 Hypothesis
Athlete weight gain body change strategies low and high weight .body image, sensation positive negative thought and feeling. Athlete weight gain self- esteem low thought and feeling dis- satisfaction. Athlete maintain not weight gain self – esteem high thought and feeling satisfaction. When control body weight strategies change sensation positive and negative. Negative body image thought lead heath problem .anxiety depression. Positive body image thought lead not health problem issues athlete focus on sport competition international level.


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