How Is Chapter 20 A Turning Point In The Novel “Enduring Love”? Essay

In Enduring Love chapter 20 is a huge turning point. Chapter 20 takes you to after the restaurant shooting where you see its effects, you see Joe having more dealings with the police. Currently he has been to the police several times about Jed with no luck. After his dealings with the police you can tell this is a huge turning point in the novel because you see rational Joe Rose do something completely irrational, he contacts an old friend and decides to acquire a gun.

One of the first things to highlight in this chapter which show Joe is changing and that this is a turning point are between pages 174 and 182. This is because I these pages you can see a great deal about Joe’s state of mind after the shooting. You can see that he is very paranoid as he thinks that Jed was trying to get him killed. You can also see that he feels this is another opportunity to tell the police about his situation with Jed Parry. You can tell of his paranoid state of mind because when he is in the police interview it seems as though he is rambling getting it all out fast and includes various irrelevant details. You can also tell of his paranoid state of mind because in the police interview he is clearly shown with the evidence to show the bullet was not meant for him, but as usual Joe is not convinced and tries to make the police believe him that the bullet was meant for him. What is happening here to do with his state of mind is not so different from the rest of the novel as he is generally paranoid, at some points believing Jed wants to harm him, or hire people to harm him. But you can see that by the end of this chapter his opinion of Jed Parry has changed between that of him on page 62.

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You can see that on page 62 Joe is very much in control and says “with a hint of whine” which shows Parry to be weak. But now his opinion of him has completely changed to him being a threat which could get him killed. This all aids to this being a turning point in the novel because it is the point of which Joe’s opinion of Jed has now fully changed and believes his life is in jeopardy. You can see that adding to Joes paranoid state he has images of Jed waiting for him outside of the police station as it says “Paranoia constructed an image of him for me, standing across the street from the police station, flanked by me in white coats” so you can see that he is getting even more paranoid adding to his fear of Jed trying to get him killed which I believe is making his opinion of Jed even more to the fact that he is obsessed with the thought of Jed killing him. Throughout the novel Joe is seen to be very unreliable, but you can see a huge change in his unreliability on pages 179-180 when it says:

“Item number one: Mr Tapp’s party arrived half an hour after you…’ He raised a finger to forestall my denial. ‘That’s from your Professor Kale. Item two, also from the professor: Mr Tapp went to the toilet, not his daughter. Item three: Professor Kale says there was no one sitting alone near your table. And your Miss Clarissa Mellon says there was someone sitting alone near your table but she’d never seen him before. She was very clear in her mind about that. Item four. Miss Mellon: the gun was already on view when the two men came up to the Tapp’s table. Number five is from all the whitnesses except you: one of the men said something in a foreign language. Three think Arabic, one thinks French, the rest aren’t sure. None of the three speaks Arabic. The one who says French doesn’t speak French or any other language. Six…'”

All of these points contribute to Joe becoming even more of an unreliable whiteness and you can see that due to this huge number of errors from Joe’s small amount of unreliability he is now very unreliable. The of course there is the ending to the chapter showing the largest way it is a turning point for Joe as he now truly believes his life is in danger he decides to get a gun. This makes Joes character from rational to irrational and with all of the previous points shows how unreliable he is.


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