Characteristics of a Tragic Hero – Shakespeare Sample Essay

1. Exceeding existences – a individual of great public and societal importance

2. Above the mean degree of humanity

3. Fictional character traits are similar to the audience – ordinary humanity

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4. His actions and agonies are of an unusual sort

5. Their fortunes raise them to degrees far above anyone we have of all time known

6. They will see an epiphany – a major realisation about life and humanity

7. Their decease is due to their fatal inclination

The Tragic Flaw
1. An ordinary trait that we can associate to. but it is magnified in the tragic hero. For illustration: pride. cunctation. greed. aspiration. choler etc.

2. A fatal trait in the tragic hero that is straight connected to their decease

3. The tragic hero shows a inclination to follow one peculiar character trait and go blinded by it

The Tragic Impression
?The cardinal feeling is waste ; a profound sense of unhappiness and enigma

The Moral Order
?Moral order is the ultimate power in any tragic secret plan

?The moral order shows tends to favor good over evil

?Therefore. as the secret plan in a calamity progresses. and evil overruns the secret plan & A ; characters. the universe must convey the balance back where morality & A ; order must reign

?Essentially. everything and everyone that is making a moral instability ( evil. evil Acts of the Apostless ) must be eradicated ( dice ) and let good to predominate

?This why the tragic hero must decease

The Role of Fate
?Fate ever plays a function in the fate of Shakespearean tragic heroes

?We are reminded that sometimes a greater power will act upon life – regardless of how much control we think we have

?The audience experiences great commiseration for the tragic hero

?It is a universe in which characters aim for flawlessness and in this chase they give birth to glorious good and huge immorality

?This immorality can be overcome merely through self-torment and a sense of waste

Bradley. A. C. “The Shakespearean Tragic Hero. ” in Point of views 12. Robert Dawe et Al. ( writers ) . Toronto: Prentice Hall. 2002. 687-691.


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