Charles M. Russell Essay

Charles M. Russell, by Carol Clark, Curator of Paintings at theAmon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, is one of those books that isof value as a research work because of its graphics. Actually, it isprimarily a picture book. Although the text within its pages isinteresting, it deals with Russell’s art and the greatpainter’s interpretation of the events he portrayed, along with abit of background for each of the 18 illustrations (17 in full color)represented. For black powder and living history buffs, thisbook’s true value is found in the accurate portrayal of clothing,guns and gear of cowboys, hunters, Indians, explorers, and otherfrontier figures Russell painted so well.

This 10×13-inch softcover book is printed on high quality paper and will provide the reader withmuch interesting information through these paintings. Priced at $10plus $3 for shipping and handling, this book is certainly worthconsideration for those interested in the American West and CharlieRussell’s art. For more information on this volune and otherinteresting books, write to the Amon Carter Museum, P.O. Box 2365,Dept.

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