Charter Change and Moral Imaginations Essay

Charter change commonly known as cha-cha is an issue that can be traced back since 1998 during the last few months of Pres. Ramos in office. This is not an issue of amendment of the constitution and what the law in the country allows but the morality behind the real motives why the president wanted to have this cha-cha.

According to the people who are against cha-cha, it is just a move of the outgoing president to prolong their power just like what Marcos did especially when he tried to have a permanent dictatorship over the country.And according to the church leaders during the time of Ramos that it is just a part of the ploy to keep him in office when his term expires. The political perspective argues that the constitutions must express the will of the people. As a democratic country, the people have the right to amend the constitution in accordance to the law. By this the amendment of the constitution should be for the benefit of all and not for a specific person.

The question is what is the rationale of the government to decide to amend the constitution? Yes, there are many social issues that our country is facing right now. Charter change may be helpful in solving this issue but the truth lays on the good governance of f our leaders. San Marino, a country inside Italy has the oldest constitution still in effect until now, dated back 1600. Their constitution is very old but why they did not even tried to change it? The reason might be they have a good leaders and law abiding citizens.

They just upgrading and adding some provisions to their constitution but the total revision of it as a whole is not been put in their mind. They say that cha-cha is needed by the Filipinos, is it? It is no matter what constitution we have if the leaders of our country don’t even respect it and protect it, it is nothing. The main idea is that we Filipino must protect value and follow our constitution as well our country with all our heart and our entire straight that good given to us.


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