Chemistry – Compare the two metals Zinc and Magnesium Essay

Introduction:Metal Zinc and Magnesium are used widely in the world, in 20th century, Magnesium are used as producing flashing light of cameras, and today, it is more often been used to be light sources. Zinc can used to make battery because it can react with NH4Cl, and release H+ ions, and Zinc can also be used to make alloy by melting together with other kinds of metal, the alloy made is very strong and light.Abstract:From the period table on the test book, I found that Magnesium is located on the group IIA and Zinc is located on the group IIB. From my research on the Internet, I found that these two kinds of metal are related because they both have Roman numeral “II”. In some cases they share the same properties that atoms of these metals can combine with atoms of oxygen to form oxide, such as MgO and ZnO, and also these atoms can form salt by replacing two hydrogen atoms of an acid to form MgCl2 and ZnCl2.

Question:What are the properties do these two kinds of metal share? What observation will happen?Experiment group:I designed three experiments about Zinc and magnesium:1. Testing the properties of Magnesium and Zinc2. Replacement of copper3. Producing hydroxide4. What will happen if Zn and Mg metal react with H2S acid.Steps:Some of the experiments are done in home, I bought materials like Magnesium and Zinc from online shopping, and also I got the chance to use chemistry lab in my mother school, so it allows me to investigate deeper.

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I: Testing the property of Magnesium and Zinc1. I took a firer and lighted the magnesium, the color it displayed was white and very bright.2. Then I lighted the Zinc, the color It displayed green color.II: Replacement of copper:3.

10g of copper sulfate taken from the lab was dissolved in 100ml water, and copper sulfate solution was formed. The color of the solution was blue. I prepared two same kind of solution in two same beakers.4. Zinc and Magnesium were put in two beakers, after a while, I found that copper ions which dissolved in water were forced out by Zinc and Magnesium and formed copper metal, the blue color in beaker were weakened and after a few minutes, it vanished.

III: Producing the hydroxide:5. First, I prepared Magnesium sulfate solution, then 5g hydroxide solution was added into the solution. After a while, the white Mg(OH)2 solid was formed.6.

I did the same steps shown above again but NaOH was replaced by ZnCl2, and Zn(OH)2 was formed.7. Then I used some ammonia, put them into Magnesium Sulfate solutions.

In my observation, solid Mg(OH)2 was formed.8. Again, as the same steps, I put ammonia to ZnCl2, and Zn(OH)2 formed. I investigated deeper, to my surprise, the Zn(OH)2 dissolved and according to my guiding teacher, a substance which had compound NH3 formed.IV: Reaction between metals and acid:9. First, I took an iron flame, fixed a test tube, put the open side of test tube facing flat fond, and an alcohol lighter was placed below the test tube. And another test tube was connected with the open side, it contained ZnCl2.

10. And then, I led H2S into the ZnCl2,, as a result, the white precipitation ZnS was formed.11. As the same step but ZnCl2 was replaced by MgSO4, I also got the white precipitation ZnS.

Observation:I: Testing the properties of magnesium and zincMagnesium: Burning with a brilliant, white flame. I put the product into water, then I used PH test paper, the paper displayed red color.Zinc: Burning with green color with a little bit blue, and I found that the product ZnO displayed yellow color when it was in a high temperature, and it became white when it became cooler.II: Replacement of copper:First, the CuSO4 solution displayed blue color.Then, magnesium and zinc was placed into CuSO4 solution, there is red(a little bit purple)solid appeared, and the blue color of the solution in the test tube became weaker and after a while, it disappeared.III: Producing the hydroxideIn the first step, the Mg(OH)2 was formed, the observation was the appearance of white precipitation.Also in the second step, the Zn(OH)2 was formed, there was appearance of white precipitation.In the third step and the forth step, the observation was same.IV: Reaction between metals and acidBubbles appeared in the second test tubes.White precipitation appeared in the test tube after heating for a while.


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