Child Abuse Speech Essay

A statue stands in a shaded placeAn angel girl with an upturned faceA name is written on a polished rockA broken heart that the world forgot”This is a quote by Martina Mcbride and it illustrated that when a person’s life is covered in a blanket of darkness, then they will not think themselves as important and they will start to grow hatred for themselves, this sometimes results in suicide in later years. Child abuse is when a feeling of anger engulfs a person so much so their character changes and they take their anger out on sinless souls like children. This has many affects on the child- both mentally and physically. They lose confidence in themselves.They prefer being alone than with people, and they fear love.

Do you not feel for them? Do you not feel their pain? Their sorrow? Their grief? Are we not all children of Adam? So why neglect them? The point, I am trying to make my dear friends is that we are all humans. We all deserve the same rights. We are all the same. No one should be treated differently. No one should be brutally beaten or psychologically pained. However the truth is that it is happening, it will happen and it has happened. But we are neglecting it. Are we not women?Are we not courageous? Can we not stand up for what’s right? Oh people! Open your eyes! See the world as it is! See how children are dying of helplessness whilst we are doing nothing, nothing nothing! ‘Abuse not only scars the skin but it also scars the heart’ a well known quote by Alicia Coyle.

This means that when one is abused, they get affected by it for the rest of their lives. They are haunted by the fear of being hurt for no reason. They become insecure and in some cases they stop talking for years until recovery. In the case of Alissa B.Guernsay, she was beaten by her caregiver, Christy Shaffer. Alissa was born a healthy, strong and joyful baby. In Alissa’s photographs before she was in Christy’s care show her full of laughter, love, and life. Alissa was in the care of Christy when all these “unexplainable” bruises, bald spots in her hair, cuts, and a broken arm appeared on her sweet little body.

It was reported that ‘Her killer was sentenced to 10 years in prison,’ but 6 years of that sentence was suspended. Her killer served 77 days in jail and was released.Christy Shaffer served 77 days for killing an innocent baby. Do you call this justice? Children are dying out there.

They are being ferociously hurt, depraved, and loathed for no such reason. And we are not taking action! It is time to take action! It is time to show those heartless people out there that what they are doing is WRONG! We should stand up to these people and speak for those children who can speak for themselves. To let people know it is NOT okay to hurt, abuse or kill children. All the children; yours, mine and ours. ‘


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