Childhood Memories Essay

It was the first time ever going on holiday for me. The place we were staying at for the week was a mysterious place called Centre Parks. Although the name didn’t really sound very exciting to me, but then I found out it was in Nottingham Forest. That’s were Robin Hood and his merry men lived; I really loved watching that film. I started to wonder to myself if I’d meet little John? He was one of my favourites, I thought of myself running through the forest with bows and arrows strapped on our back being chased by the evil sheriff of Nottingham( he would think he was gaining on us but really he was heading into a dastardly trap which me and little John were cunningly leading him into, and all the merry men would be hiding in the high leafy trees and under thick bushes waiting); now I was really excited. I was sure it to be an adventure of epic proportions. It turned out to be a great adventure, but not quite what I’d expected.

We started our epic journey from Rhyl to Nottingham Forest at precisely 06:00 hours. The estimated time of our journey was four gruelling hours. This would be the longest trip of my life yet! Was I ready for such a journey? Would I make it? I sat seriously pondering how I would cope; I would make it… I was really grown up now… well I was 5 after all! I was going to the place were Robin Hood and his merry men lived, and of course Little John. Wow…wait until my friends at school get to hear about this.

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“Morgan are you ready? Get in the car honey its time to go” my mum called.

“Coming mum!” I shouted down the stairs.

I raced out of the house and clambered excitedly into the backseat of my mummies car were my older brother Jake and our friend David were waiting, chattering happily to each other quite unaware that I’d entered the car.

My aunty Pauline was sitting in the front of the car (this was David’s mum) she was talking to my mummy about the holiday and all the things we were going to do, like Swimming, skating going for bike rides in the forest going to the cinema even playing golf (I didn’t even know what golf was, but it sounded like fun) the list of things we were going to do on our holiday seemed to go on forever. Listening to them my tummy started to feel like butterflies were flying around inside it I felt so excited I didn’t know what to do! This was it we were off…

I waited and waited and waited, after what seemed like hours I could bear it no longer; surely we were there by now?

“Mum are we there yet” I shouted impatiently.

“No Morgy we have only been driving for 30 minutes it’s a long way yet.” My mum replied.

No this couldn’t be true. I’d never make it, it was too long to sit in a car, I needed to be there now! I know what I needed. I needed a Power Ranger’s transporter. I could just press the button and I’d be there. How cool would that be I started to think of all the brilliant places I could go if only I hand one.

“Morgan, Jake, David wake up we are nearly there” I heard my mummies voice from what seemed like a very long way away.

Wow nearly there for a split second I thought that I’d really had travelled by a Power Ranger transporter, (when really I had fallen asleep)

I looked eagerly out of windows, the trees were everywhere, massive, huge, and colossal and they seemed to reach endlessly up into the sky. We drove up what seemed to be a never ending road, filled with bumps and curves and the roads were blocked by enormous white birds (I new these were swans because my mummy had taken me to feed them lots of times at pond were we lived) but I’d never seen them walking in the road before. They had lots of babies and waddled a lot, they looked really funny.

We arrived at our holiday villa the place we would call home for the next week. It looked fantastic! We were all by ourselves in the thick of the woods with no one else anywhere (when looking back we had neighbours very close by, hidden by strategically placed trees).

The first day was out of this world, the pool, it was awesome I remember swimming inside and then going out through some see through flaps and I was out side with trees growing out of the pool, they reached so far up to the sky that I couldn’t seem to see the end of them. The stars were so bright and the pool seemed to glow in the dark and it was snowing and I was in my swimming trunks, at night in a fantastic pool that had slides, water falls with rapid water to ride down and it was way past my bed time! Wow this was only the first day this was going to be better then I thought.

The next day Jake, David and me joined a football club and we could go all week. I really enjoyed foot ball and liked to be the goalie. All of us set off through the forest I thought it was good that this forest had roads but that there were no cars on them, only lots and lots of bicycles. On the way to play football I saw squirrels, loads of squirrels scampering everywhere. My mum said that she would give me some squirrel food and told me to kneel down with my hand stretched out and the squirrels would come and eat out of my hand.

“NO WAY!” I said to my mum in utter disblievement.

“Yes way” said my mum with a great big smile that spread across her face.

“Its Magic Food” She whispered and handed me what I now know to be Monkey nuts. At the time this was the best thing ever. I did as my mum said and sure enough the squirrels started to approach me, very hesitantly and cautiously at first but I stayed as still as a statue, I didn’t want to frighten them away, I was 5 and much bigger then the squirrels. After what seemed like ages to be still. (2 minutes) the Squirrels became brave and started to eat out of my hand, it was amazing.

From that day on I never went anywhere without a pocket full of my magic squirrel food, we always left early to get to where ever we were going because I was like the pied piper of London, every where I went I seemed to have squirrels following me. There was one squirrel that I didn’t really like it only had one eye and a thin scraggily tail and was quite bald he was really cheeky and snatched the nuts quicker then the other squirrels he even knocked the other squirrels out of the way.

The days were so full and seemed to go by quicker then any other days had. We did so many things that it was hard to fit them all into my head to remember, But having magic squirrel food and being able to feed them out of my hand and one even sat in my hand to eat one of the nuts. I made and obstacle course and hid nuts under things and I’d watch the squirrels cleverly find ways to get the magic food.

On our last day we were all down by the lake and we’d had a scummy pancake with ice cream Jake, David and me were playing in the park and I stopped and started to feed the squirrels as I usually did. I was having a tremendous amount of fun and then to my horror the evil one eyed squirrel with the ratty bald tail ran over and bashed the squirrel off my hand and sunk its teeth not into the nut but my finger! I leapt up screaming in pain shaking my finger furiously but the evil squirrel didn’t let go but seemed to hang on even tighter. I stopped. Shaking my hand vigorously and lifted the evil rodent up and looked him in his beady little eye, I then flicked him right in the centre his forehead with my other hand. At once the evil ratty squirrel released my finger instantly and flew through the air and landed with a thud on the bark of an oak tree and slid down to the floor where he lay with his arms and legs splayed pointing to the sky dazed and motionless, I thought I’d killed him but he then sprang to his feet and scampered away up the nearby tree.

My finger was pouring with blood. I was crying. Crying until I had no more tears left inside me. I looked over to my brother and David thinking that they would come rushing over to help me. But no, they were both rolling around on the floor clutching their sides laughing hysterically, with tears streaming down there face because they were laughing that hard. I really hated them at that moment.

I ran to my mum who cleaned my finger up and kissed the two teeth marks better. To top it all off my mum put a big Robin Hood plaster on my finger and gave me a bow and arrow set. This set had a hat that I’d seen the merry men wearing in the big dinning hall that we hand gone to have dinner at the night before.

I stopped feeding the squirrels after that horrific mentally scaring incident that still haunts me; and to this day I have never fed another squirrel.


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