Children Should Learn Cooperation Essay

There has been much discussion revolving around the issue whether children should be taught to cooperate rather than compete become more useful adults. The opinions of people are various.

Cooperation certainly can bring about great benefits that may has profound impact on children. To start with, teaching children cooperation helps children develop communication skills. More specifically, cooperation means several people need to work together to finish a task, which requires a lot of discussions and compromise before reaching an agreement.In this case, children are encouraged to think independently and critically, which contributes to acquiring more knowledge and communication skills. Then, children who are encouraged to cooperate tend to be more likely to share things with others.

Those children are more likely to grow up to be individuals who cares about others rather than those who are selfish. Furthermore, the personalities of those children are apparently better than those raised otherwise, which allow them can have a better relationship with people around. Last but not least, cooperation been taught at an early age can stimulate children brain’s development.For instance, numerous studies and researches have shown that learning to cooperate helps children to discover their potential and develop their imagination and creativity.

However, it is reasonable for some people argue that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged. An illustration of this point is that competition makes children can better able to manage stress in adult life. Every so often, children cannot win the competition and they must deal with the resulting frustration. Those experiences can help children to be less likely to panic and become daunted when problems occur.In addition to this, competition motivates children to study harder in order to achieve success.

On the other hand, competition makes children lonely due to the fact that they are always engaged in study and have no time making friends. Additionally, parents put too much pressure on their children, which may lead to high rate of psychological problems and mental illness in children. Therefore, I admit competition can give benefits to children. However, I still believe that children should be encouraged to cooperate rather than compete, which they can profit from in their adult life.


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