Chinese Family Education Versus American Family Education Essay

I know them better than themselves when they were still young, and I wanted them to have a beautiful true. ” One of her daughters even tried to resist Wittier Mother” during her teenage years. Both of her daughters were eventually accepted by top 3 American universities in their fields of study; they are now both doing very well and leading happy lives. The author wanted to share her experiences as a mother with other mothers. However, many readers disagreed with the author’s totalitarian approach in educating her children.

The critics said that the educational methods employed by typical American families are more beneficial to their children’s development than he strict disciplinary methods applied by most Chinese families. Of course others defended the author’s practices and pointed to her daughters’ successes as proof that her methods worked. Being a Chinese mother in America, I don’t think either camp is completely correct. First, let’s talk about philosophies regarding education in China. During China’s dynastic years, the way to improve one’s social standing was to pass state issued exams that were available to all males of all walks of life.

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By doing well on these exams, even a poor and lowly peasant can become the second cost powerful man in the kingdom as a direct council to the emperor, and there were many instances of self-taught peasants who did become great chancellors and reshaped the course of history. The importance of education in Chinese society has survived to this day. Nowadays, there is nothing more Important to Chinese parents concerning their children’s development than Intellectual development, and so monitoring their children’s studies naturally becomes a vital task of parenthood.

Because there is so much competition on the Job market In China, every Chinese In he work force believes good education Is the key that opens doors to better Jobs just Like It was In ancient times. As such many Chinese parents put great pressure on their children to attain academic accolades so their children can have a leg up on the competition, and the rest of the Chinese parents put great pressure on their children’s academics Just so their children don’t fall behind.

In doing so, Chinese parents usually overruled their children’s Interests by what they deemed to be more important which is often related to scholastics, and they spared no expense when it hose parents failed to realize is that this pressure is not necessarily good for their children’s overall mental development, and their children often grow up to be intellectuals but with no social skills. Just as important as teaching children math and sciences is teaching them to think creatively and let them mingle so they will acquire people skills.

Creative thinking and social skills are two areas overlooked by most Chinese parents. So what is the typical American family philosophy towards education? American parents generally believe that their children’s success is acetated by their own strengths and experiences as much as by their intellect, and many crucial life skills are not taught in classrooms. With this belief, most American parents put great emphasis on training their children to be independent so they can become real world problem thinkers.

For example American teenagers are encouraged by their parents to find part-time Jobs, and these teens would learn to appreciate and to manage their earnings at an early age. American parents often encourage and support their children’s non-scholastic interests because these activities are Just as important to their children’s development as what is taught in school. Little league baseball as an example teaches children to be confident, to be good sports in wins and losses, and to mingle with their peers.

Also most physical activities are good for children’s physical development. Thus all-around development is more important to most American parents than Just intellectual development. Furthermore, most American parents will not be extremely upset if their children didn’t average Ass or a Bi’s in school as long as they know their children did their best, ND they still like to tell their children “good Job” or “I’m proud of you”. As a result most American children are more confident than Chinese children.

But math and sciences are still important, and they need to be taught at an early age in order to take root. I often hear the misconception that Chinese people are smart, but in reality Chinese people are generally strong in math and sciences because they were taught them in China since pre-school. I cannot say one educational philosophy is superior to the other. Both have strengths and weaknesses, and both are influenced y different cultural backgrounds, different histories, different policies, and different educational system Just to name a few.

However the world is evolving and cultural barriers are being knocked down as big companies go global to better compete. Work places in China and in the US are becoming increasingly similar, and so does the criteria for hiring. Thus it makes too much sense to blend Chinese and American educational philosophies and extract the best out of both systems. Perhaps then our children will be academically gifted and creatively thinking individuals who are confident as well as possessing great people skills.


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