Christianity and Helping the Poor Sample Essay

In Deuteronomy 15.

11. God says to the Israelites. “I bid you to be unfastened handed toward your brothers and toward the hapless and destitute in your land. ” ( New International Version ) God commanded the Israelites to assist the hapless and intended for Christians to take this as an illustration and follow it. The Israelites were God’s people in the Old Testament and Christians. including those from Israel. are God’s people.

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As this is read from the Bible. all that is thought of is that we are people of God and that we need to take God’s commands earnestly and to bosom. Why. how. and how much should the needy be helped? Take a expression at some illustrations and we can see what God commands us to make with the needy.

While assisting to back up the needy. it is of import to retrieve to non merely give things to people who are less fortunate than others. but to “assist” them in making things that they may desire or necessitate to make. This can be done by demoing others our love for them and our love for God by our actions more than our words. But person may state.

“One individual has faith. another has actions. ” My reply is. “Show me how anyone can hold faith without actions. I will demo you my religion by my actions. ” ( James. 2. 18.

Today’s English Version ) Showing faith by actions would be to assist out person in demand with a smiling on our face and non kicking about it subsequently. “Each adult male should give what he has decided in his bosom to give. non reluctantly or under irresistible impulse. for God loves a cheerful giver. ” ( 2 Cor. 9.

7. New International Version ) Each individual should give spiritually. and besides physically.Physically assisting the hapless may be really demanding for most people. One manner to look at assisting the hapless and holding the sums being nice to look at is to make what God says in the Bible.

“Every Sunday each of you must set aside some money. in proportion to what you have earned. and salvage it up so that there will be no demand to roll up money when I come. ” ( 1 Cor. 16. 2-3.

Today’s English Version ) In this transition God spells out reasonably clear what he has in head for us to make. Take portion of each payroll check and set it in a fund so that when there is a individual in demand of a small excess money there will be some money to give to them. It does non hold to be a batch of money. but merely some so that it is possible to assist back up the needy merely as God would desire us to make.Helping does non harm the hapless. In Hardin’s essay he makes the point.

”We must inquire if such a plan would really make more good than injury. non merely momently but besides in the long tally. ” He is speaking about the World Food Bank and how he believes that people are taking advantage of it alternatively of utilizing it as a resource. In some instances the Food Bank is being taken advantage of. but that does non intend that it is making injury to people who do non necessitate it. It is assisting out the hapless. and some others who may non necessitate the nutrient as much.

but that is what it is at that place for. “You think that this will harm me. but God intended it for good to carry through what is now being done. the economy of many lives. ” ( Gen.

50. 20. New International Version ) This may be what God has intended for the Food Banks around the universe. Peoples may believe that the nutrient Bankss are making injury because they are being taken advantage of. but.

God decidedly intended them to assist people so they don’t have to hunger to decease. Even when people take nutrient when they do non necessitate it. it is non harming them. it is merely disrespectful to others who may necessitate it. Christians need to believe of others in state of affairss like these alternatively of thought of ourselves.When thought of others. make non merely see them as peers to you.

but besides handle them with love. In Matt. 7.

1-2 God says. “Do non justice others. so that God will non judge you. for God will judge you in the same manner that you judge others.

and he will use to you the same regulations you apply to others. ” ( Today’s English Version ) If this is taken this into consideration and it is decided upon non to judge others. we will be handling them as peers to ourselves. If everyone feels the equality they will no uncertainty. experience the love that we have for them.“Love is patient and sort ; it is non covetous or conceited or proud ; love is non bad-mannered or selfish or cranky ; love does non maintain a record of wrongs ; love is non happy with evil. but is happy with the truth. love ne’er gives up ; and its religion.

hope. and forbearance ne’er fail. ” ( 1 Cor. 13.

-7. Today’s English Version ) This poetry says that love is worth more aid than we could of all time wish to give. Love is the biggest ground that Christians should give to the hapless. Jesus said. “And now I give you a new commandment ; Love one another.

As I have loved you. so you must love one another. ” ( John 13. 34. Today’s English Version ) Christ said this as one of the last things he said to the adherents before he died. Many times in the Bible love comes up as the subject. Take a expression at how many times the word “love” is in the Bible. There are about 280 Bibles with the word love in it in the Bible.

It is easy to see that love is really of import to God. As said before. LOVE NEVER FAILS.

There is no manner to love others if there is no love for God. Just as Paul writes. ”If I give all I possess to the hapless and give up my organic structure to the fires.

but have non love. I gain nil. ” ( 1 Cor. 13:3. New International Version ) If we give to the hapless without love we will derive nil. Giving without love is like giving nil at all.“Each adult male should give what he has decided in his bosom to give.

non reluctantly or under irresistible impulse. for God loves a cheerful giver” ( 2 Cor. 9. 7.

New International Version ) As the bible stated that God loves a cheerful giver. this should do Christians want to give with a good attitude. If people are true Christians and they truly want to follow God they will follow his bid. and give to the hapless or destitute with a good attitude. It is easy for people to state when others have bad attitudes. or if we are non in a good temper. The hapless can besides feel that excessively. If we are giving with a bad attitude.

the hapless will be able to state and they will non desire your aid. If we are giving with bad attitudes. that is really unchristian like.

and it will non be delighting to God. If it is non delighting to God so why make it? Make your giving in a cheerful manner “Because anyone who serves Christ in this manner is delighting to God and approved by work forces. ” ( Romans 14. 18.

New International Version )As this paper comes to an terminal. it reminds ourselves why. how and how much we should assist the hapless. It has been apparent that the bible poetries and statements that have to make with demoing the religion of God by assisting.

sing equality of others as they are assisting. being unselfish while giving and non touting. and besides giving as a cheerful giver and non out of duty. As these points were shown to you. it has hopefully been easy to see the grounds why. how. and how much we should give to the needy.

Remember God says. “I bid you to be unfastened handed toward your brothers and toward the hapless and destitute in your land. ” ( Duet. 15. 11. New International Version ) Take these words from God and carry through the Christian ways of giving to the hapless and needy.


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