Christopher McCandless Essay

Read the Description PleaseChristopher McCandless who tried to live in the interiors of Alaska was a private person. He was educated, talented, skilled, and independent, and was obsessed with the wilderness. He was born to an effluent family, who enjoyed almost all the social luxury but, he decided to give up his bright future and move to wilderness, which wasn’t a wise decision.

He valued ultimate freedom, because he felt that, the society restricts one from doing many things with its’ long law. He wanted to be free from all social obsessions and enjoy the outdoor natural beauty. And, at the same time, he wanted to be in solitary to find some spiritual solace and identify the truth about life and nature. He failed to appreciate social changes in lives. He had a hard childhood trying to prove capable of doing things. His trouble-free mind misguided him and put himself into trouble.

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He underestimated nature and her course and tried to challenge the extreme factor. He made a serious mistake by not telling anyone about his plan. He could he prearranged his plans and started his journey, which he realized later.It’s always easier said than done. His wondering mind would have told him the path to survive in Alaska, which never happened.

There should be a fine balance between nature and man. Moral purity and selflessness is important but with stability. We’ve come a long way of civilization and it isn’t wise to go back. How could we face Alaska without proper equipment or knowledge? It’s impossible. Had he carried the right gears with him, he could have been alive today.

We invent and discover to make our life simpler and easier. We should see things from different approach and balance our life. Nature has a story to say, and we must adapt to learn from her and live along.


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