Citezenship Coursework Essay

Help the aged are a charity/organisation that frees disadvantaged older people from poverty, isolation and neglect. The charity was founded in 1961 and has changed the lives of so many elderly ever since. Help the aged has national offices in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. These offices are to help manage areas and regions that need specific types of help for their specific type of elderly people.

Also many issues have been targeted and tackled thanks to help the aged such as:* Age discrimination (Especially in the workplace and in health care)* Poverty* Isolation and lonelinessThe information that I collected helped me understand what HELP THE AGED were and how they help the elderly. The organisation carries out ways to bring a better standard of living so that the remaining time of their lives is peaceful and cared for, as they may not have long left. Information such as this was collected via a secondary source. This source was the help the aged website where allot of information is given out and explains how you can help these people.This information is secondary as the information has not come directly from my research but is information posted or displayed for others to use/read/look upon. This information helped me come to the conclusion that help the aged is a charity which does exactly what is says, by helping the old and weak with support and services allowing them to have a brighter end to their long lives. The information that was acquired helped people understand how raising money could help hundreds or even thousands of people’s lives and so we worked passionately to raise money.The Reliability and validity of this information was very good as it is an accurate and yet brief outline of how the charity operates and how you can get involved.

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I believe that the cause of help the aged is genuine and the information is very clear. This information used is also secondary data as there is no indication of primary data ever being collected.The cause for creating help the aged is a genuine and the information I have seen has given a good clear view of their goals and how they help, and how you can too.

This information is also secondary Data.Help the aged is related to citizenship as in our lives we are affected by the older generation’s everyday and if where not for tem we would not be here today. It does not matter what race you are, or what your political or religious views are, in the end we all will get old and need that helping hand in looking for a brighter end to our lives. The relevancy to the citizenship course is that we had to work with people in order to help people, we made people aware of the charity and what it can do and by holding the quiz.This information was incorporated into my coursework as an insight was needed into the relevant research I had carried out.Primary information, such as:I asked people in my year group did they know of any old people in need of support, and if they get any.The information provided by the graph enabled me to come to the conclusion that out of 50 people asked only 24% knew about organisations tackling problems for the elderly.I then went out to Beckenham and asked another question to another 50 people; however these people ranged from students from other schools, to tourists.

Do you contribute to charity? YES NOIf so what charities?And from this I was able to realize that Help The Aged was hardly recognized as a “REAL” charity.This is the article featured in the local paper News shopper:Beckenham pupils hand over cash to charities12:12pm Wednesday 3rd December 2008CHARITIES were invited to a school assembly to be presented with money raised by pupils.Almost �900 was raised by Year 11 students who organised a day of events at Kelsey Park Sports College, Manor Way, Beckenham for causes that they chose themselves.These included Cancer Research UK, Breast Cancer Campaign, Help the Aged, Save the Children, Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and Tofs, a local children’s charity.Year 11 set up various activities such as an egg and spoon relay, wheel barrow races, a tug of war, a football tournament and a general knowledge quiz.Jo Neale, the teacher who helped the students organise it, said: “Year 11 managed the entire event and the whole college had a fantastic day.”An assembly was held and the charities’ representatives were presented with cheques.For more information from Newsshopper here is the link: http://www. spread the information easily across the school, me and my fellow students created a tutor packs that included key information about the charity and its goals. This helped people become more aware and educated them about the importance of donating.

these where distributed all around the form by being given to form tutors to give out to their class the morning of the event.Citizenship CourseworkPART 3: EvaluationThe quiz was an overall success however there where quite a few slip ups and moments of disorganisation. If I were to do this event again I would make allot of changes to the way it was managed and organised.The first thing I would change is I would have given more specific roles to certain individuals so people do not get under each other’s feet, for example:People who were security didn’t really have anything to do after the initial rush of entry and exiting of guild groups so I would have given them another job afterwards such as cleaning the area whilst quiz was taking place and helping out with entertaining the pupils. Another idea was to include a talent competition that would help kill time as the quiz was defiantly not set to last a complete 50 minutes.

Also the questions were all related in some way and repetitive sometimes so I would of held a couple of surveys to get a brief idea in what questions to ask and prize ideas as something you really want looks more appealing than five pounds.My fellow workers on the project were at the very best disappointing. I say this because the amount of effort and participation put into the event was at a bare minimum. Allot of people had allot of excuses and yes some were relevant but that was no excuse to stop working or even not get involved at all. Almost everyone who was given the role of security sat above the whole event listening to music and cracking jokes to one another.Because of this there was a decline in group morale as we felt like we didn’t have enough numbers to cope and maintain order during the quiz. This problem was only really apparent with the security staff as everyone else done their job to a satisfactory standard.

Although the group’s performance was disappointing, the collectors and the distributors did an amazing job in collecting all of our taking and giving out leaflets and sticking people with Help The Aged Stickers.My overall performance was a bit disappointing as in the last group I gave up my position of main speaker and event manager as I could not control the chaos amongst the group. This had a small affect on the overall takings as the unpredicted change in job roles confused staff and made the last quiz boring, slow and unorganized.

And if you are bored and disappointed you really wouldn’t give out money for something. I however did well before this as I got everyone to blow up balloons, set out chairs and place equipment on them.I then proceeded to deliver speeches to pupils about our charity and reason for choosing them and then delivered the quiz to the students. My whole role could have been more influential if I was more aware of other people’s responsibilities and their understanding of their jobs. Also I had experimented with ways to do the quiz during the event and that caused allot of confusion for other members of the group and even me sometimes.The event in a whole served also as a learning process as it gave an idea of how stressful it can be to manage a large amount of people for a long period. Another thing learnt was that people can always let you down in any situation.

If there ever was a fundraising event that I will be involved with in the future I will have a good knowledge on how to maintain order and hopefully keep an event running smoothly.Many people benefited from this event, such as:* Help The Aged: receive money to use on the elderly to help.* The Elderly: receive Help from organisation.* Students: gained knowledge of charities and get used to giving to good causes.* The School: gained good press as students are seen as good Samaritans.Also people learned from the event, such as:* Staff: gained experience in a role of high responsibilities and participating in something for someone else’s gain.* Participators: may have been first time confronted with giving to help a cause.


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