Citizenship Coursework Essay

For my Citizenship coursework I will be raising money for the Asian earthquake appeal by doing a sponsored fast. I aim to raise as much money as possible for the Asian earthquake appeal. I will be working along side a friend of mine; Louis Baxter. By working with Louis I feel the fast will be easier, as I will have someone to share the difficulties of the fast with, and we will be able to help each other through it. I know Louis from my form at school, this makes it easy for us to converse and organise the activity.The only difficulty that working with Louis poses, is that being without food for a day may make us both very stressed, which could lead to us arguing and becoming annoyed with each other. During the planning stage we discussed various different activities that we could do.

One such activity was to put on an after school football training session for primary school children in order to give them an enjoyable after school club as this was something that both me and Louis enjoyed while we were at primary school.We decided against this though, as we felt that we could do something that is focused on helping those that need it most. While we were discussing what activity to do, the Asian earthquake took place.

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The earthquake measured 7. 6 on the Richter scale and decimated parts of northern Pakistan and northern India. The casualty level was astounding with over 86,000 dieing, 100,000 injured and 3. 5 million left homeless (My source for this information is the British Red Cross website).We felt that doing something to help some of those people would be a worthwhile activity as the need for emergency aid is huge. By raising the money for such a needy cause this gives the activity a greater sense of purpose because I know it will be helping people who really need it, rather than just for the sake of my Citizenship coursework. After establishing a worthy cause for the piece of coursework we set about finding a way to raise money. We discussed many things, including sponsored runs, sponsored silences and a sponsored raffle.

All these ideas were feasible but we eventually decided on a sponsored fast. We came to this decision because we felt it was very topical, by fasting we were experiencing what it is like every single day for those who have lost everything due to the earthquake. At the same time it is the Islamic period known as Ramadan where Muslims fast in order to strengthen family and community ties by experiencing what it is like to be less fortunate. During Ramadan Muslims are also encouraged to carry out charity work and focuses on self-sacrifice and devotion to Allah (The Islamic God).

Ramadan is held in the ninth lunar month of they year as that is the Islamic calendar. Once Ramadan has finished the Islamic day known as “Eid” is held, where Muslims gather at mosques to pray. Myself and Louis were both interested in experiencing what it’s like for Muslims to fast, as we both have friends who are Muslims and fast every year, yet we have never experienced going without food for so long. We aim to raise money for the Asian earthquake appeal, in order to help the relief effort.The British Red Cross are currently doing everything they can to supply Pakistan and India with equipment to evacuate those injured, centres to treat the injured, temporary shelter for those whose homes have been destroyed and make shift kitchens to prepare food. The money we donate will help the British Red Cross in their efforts to help the affected countries. When the Asian earthquake first hit, the British Red Cross, Christian Aid, Unicef and Oxfam were among the first to respond, supplying immediate, emergency aid to all the affected countries.The initial effort consisted of trying to rescue as many of the injured as possible by moving away any rubble or remains of buildings that had trapped people.

These charities also supplied emergency medical supplies and doctors to try and save as many lives as possible in the early stages. The epicentre of the earthquake was close to Muzaffarabad, the capital of Kashmir. Over 70 percent of Muzaffarabad was devastated by the earthquake. Mud slides meant that the area was cut off, while electricity and communication lines were severely disrupted.This made the initial relief effort even more difficult as before the various relief workers could begin to help those who were injured, they had to get into the city by fighting through huge mud slides. Unicef have estimated that over 50 per cent of those dead are children, with some people even claiming that a whole generation has been wiped out.

The relief attempt is being co-ordinated by the Red Crescent (Equivalent of the British Red Cross) societies in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India as they were closest to the disaster and therefore have the most man power.The relief effort will now progress from emergency aid into long term aid. The initial need was to save as many lives as possible, but now it has progressed onto helping these communities to rebuild.

Millions of pounds worth of damage has been done to people’s homes and communities, and in order for these societies to begin to function again it is crucial that enough long term aid (Building materials, builders, architects) is supplied to the affected areas. We have been researching different ways to donate money to the appeal; we are planning on using a debit card to donate money online to the appeal via the Red Cross’ website.We also looked into how much money we think we will be able to raise by enquiring to how much people are willing to give. We found that most people are prepared to give generously for such a worthy course and expect to raise in the region of i??100. There were no problems between myself and Louis through the planning stage as we were able to co-operate easily with each other due to our similar personalities.

To help us in planning the activity we constructed a questionnaire concerning our activity.The questionnaire was made by a combined effort between myself and Louis, it contained 5 questions and was handed out to 30 people. The questionnaire was useful as it helped us decide what activity to do, gauge the general opinion of our activity, how long to fast for and how much we could expect to receive in sponsorship. The results of the questionnaire are enclosed with my coursework, with detailed evaluation of each question. The activity itself will take place on Wednesday the 26th of October 2005.We will be fasting from the moment we get up (8am) to 8pm, a total of 12 hours. The event will take place at my house. Before the activity we will be collecting sponsorships from various people.

From Tuesday the 11th of October to Tuesday the 25th of October we will be concentrating on securing sponsorship for the activity. We plan to secure sponsorship from 3 different places; family, neighbours and school. The sponsorship information will be recorded on a sponsorship form that I created using a computer spreadsheet and will be enclosed with this project as evidence.We will be phoning family members, knocking on neighbours doors and asking friends and teachers from school for sponsorship over the 2 weeks. By doing this we hope to reach our target of i??100.

From Thursday the 27th of October to Thursday the 24th of November we will be collecting the sponsorship money in the same way we secured the sponsorship; phoning family members, asking friends and teachers at school and knocking on neighbours doors. We will then be hoping to make the donation via the British Red Cross website sometime within the next month (November 25th to December 23rd).


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