Classroom Observation Essay

1. Who are the kids who participate in this plan? They are all local kids and the bulk are those who attend the church. Who are the staff members? What are the minimal makings required to work here for instructor and instructor aide/assistant places? -The current staff members include adult females and one male. who does Chapel. -The makings required to work is a college degree grade or associates degree to be a instructor. An helper or adjutant is a basic high school sheepskin or above. What is the learning doctrine of the plan? When was the doctrine developed?

Is it written down and given to all employees and parents? -The overall instruction doctrine that is generalized is that if a kid has the ability to larn. put the saloon high. Create and environment for the kid to be challenged. -The doctrine was developed over a twelvemonth ago. It is communicated through parent/teacher conferences and besides through the Director. 4. Upon what larning theory or theories is the plan built? Is this written down and given to all employees and parents? The theory is taking the best attention of the kids every bit good as possible in every state of affairs.

Bing able to integrate Biblical principals along with acquisition is a chief focal point. It is communicated through parent/teacher conferences and besides through the Director. What is the program’s attack to rear relationships? Is this written down and given to all employees and parents? -The Director has the chief communicating with the parents. If there is an issue that concerns the parent. alternatively of pass oning with the instructor. parents address it to the Director and so the Director will talk with the instructor. Although. there are parent/teacher conferences twice a twelvemonth where the instructors speak straight to the parents.

At the beginning of the twelvemonth the pre school gives out a trial that is taken away of the Dial 3 for public school pre-k. Each kid is given that trial to see where they fall as they enter into pre-school. Observation: The kids were coming back from Chapel when I arrived. I was already in the schoolroom and instantly once they saw me they all began inquiring inquiries. caressing. and smiling. After a few seconds of adjusting and an debut of myself Mrs. Laird had them focal point and travel into circle clip. Circle clip was about 15 proceedingss. Mrs.

Laird explained their wagess system for the hebdomad which is gaining tickets to set in their cups. and at the terminal of the hebdomad they can take a award out of the particular boxes. If they choose to non act. they must draw a ticket. Mrs. Laird went around the room with their “Good Morning’s” . Example: Mrs. Laird “Good forenoon Stella! ” Stella: “good forenoon Mrs. Laird! ” – Stella received a ticket. After a few exercisings in circle clip which included. ABC’s and intro to their new missive “K” ; Pumpkins ( subject of the month ) ; and Math and numbering we moved into Handwriting at their desks.

Each kid has their ain diary and particular pencil they use. ( They know their ain pencils! ) Mrs. Laird asked them to pull a “P” for… ”PUMPKIN” they all shouted! As Mrs. Laird drew a “P” on the board the kids wrote in their diaries. Next they flipped over 1 page and so had to pull a image of a Cucurbita pepo. Once the missive and image was complete. they moved into composing Numberss. This hebdomad they are on figure 11. The kids all went to their Numberss page in their diary and began composing Numberss 1-11. Handwriting lasted about 15 proceedingss. Traveling right along Mrs.

Laird released the kids into Centers. In the scientific discipline centre the kids were to see if a Cucurbita pepo would drift in H2O. There was a chart with “yes or no” and each kid got to see if the Cucurbita pepo floated and set a smiley face under “yes” . The kids played in the sand boxes. blocks centre and place life. All of the kids played really good together! During Center clip the noise volume went up dramatically but that’s normal for this clip. Mrs. Laird gave a 5 minute warning before clean up clip and so a concluding proclamation. If the kids cleaned up good they received a ticket.

Mrs. Laird told the kids they were traveling to make their reading before they went to recess today. This wasn’t in their normal modus operandi. but the kids were really aroused to “show off” because I was in the room. Mrs. Laird passed out their reading booklets and book Markss to each kid. They began reexamining their sight words and so read a few sentences. The kids all were really confident in their reading and they were besides really proud they could acknowledge their words and letters. All of the kids received tickets for take parting and making such a great occupation!

After the forenoon lessons. the kids went out to recess. so came back in for tiffin and so they got ready for nap clip. I stayed through deferral and ate tiffin with the kids. Mrs. Laird has a schoolroom full of type A personalities and each kid is really out spoken and craves attending. This consequences in a job for Mrs. Laird at times. but each kid is really eager to larn and therefore Mrs. Laird lief accepts that challenge. She truly attentions for the learning ability of each kid and shows every bit much direct attending as she perchance can to each one when they accomplish their end.

I believe Mrs. Laird does precisely what the learning doctrine provinces non merely indoors but outside her schoolroom. DAP: Although this plan is still comparatively new. I believe they follow the developmentally appropriate guidelines. The schoolroom is set up harmonizing to criterions and all proper equipment and centres are throughout the category room. There is ever room for betterment and more infinite but the layout of the schoolroom and the preschool itself is really child friendly and appropriate for preschool kids.

There are many things to research inside and outside the schoolroom and the kids feel comfy in their scene and besides being around Mrs. Laird and the other staff members. There are times when Mrs. Laird needed to step out of her schoolroom for a public toilet interruption. ECT and the instructors aide came in and picked right up. The kids know how to esteem their authorization and passage from one to another. Alysia’s Notes: Circle Time: 15 MINUTES -Explanation of the wages system- tickets -children said “good morning” to Mrs. Laird -ABC reappraisal and presentation to missive K.

-Pumpkins ( subject of the month ) – large. little. smooth. rough -Math and counting- a few add-on jobs HANDWRITING: 15 MINUTES -P for Cucurbita pepo in diary. and draw images of Cucurbita pepos -Numbers for the hebdomad # 11 -write Numberss 1-11 CENTERS: 10 MINUTES -Will a Cucurbita pepo float? -sand boxes. place life. blocks centre -clean up announcement- tickets for making a good occupation Reading: 7 MINUTES -journals. book Markss -sight words -read sentences RECESS- OUTSIDE 25 MINUTES LUNCH- INSIDE 25 MINUTES OR SO BATHROOM BREAKS & A ; TRANSITION INTO NAP TIME.


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