Claudius Galen Sample Essay

Claudius Galen was a Grecian doctor who went to Rome and revived the thoughts of Hippocrates and other Grecian physicians. Galen favoured the observations of Hippocrates and other Grecian physicians who lived at the clip of Hippocrates. He put great accent on clinical observation – analyzing a patient really exhaustively and their symptoms. Galen besides accepted the position that disease was the consequence of an instability between blood. emotionlessness. yellow gall and blood gall. Galen besides believed in the mending power of nature and he developed interventions to equilibrate of the four temper. Galen believed in the usage of antonyms – if a adult male appeared to hold a febrility. he treated it with something cold ; if a adult male appeared to hold a cold. he would be treated with heat. Peoples who were weak were given hard physical exercisings to make to construct up their musculuss and people who had external respiration jobs due to a weak thorax were given singing exercisings. Galen extended his cognition of anatomy by dissecting hogs and apes and analyzing their bone construction and musculuss.

In “On Anatomical Procedures” . Galen advised his pupils to dissect apes and take whatever chances that existed to analyze the human organic structure. Galen besides studied how the organic structure worked. concentrating on the motion of blood and the working of the nervous system. Subsequently. he experimented with the spinal cords of hogs. Galen’s influence was great. Protected by the emperors. he could work free from his covetous challengers in Rome. Galen besides believed that his cognition should be shared and he was a author of many books. These books were still being used in the Middle Ages and. for many medical pupils. they were the primary beginning of information on medical specialty. He advanced the survey of anatomy and physiology by careful dissection and observation. He had a private income. He was a skilled sawbones. capable of operations besides a philosopher and logician.

He left a immense mass of composing behind. detailing his accomplishments and his finds. He became celebrated in his ain twenty-four hours to the point where publishing houses were adding his name to text editions and he had to print a cusp on his ain Hagiographas to screen it out.

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Although he made errors. he did much glorious work including happening out by existent experiment what some frequently misinterpreted transitions in Hippocrates meant.


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