Clinical Assesment Essay

1- These are the questions I would ask the parents:* At what age was Clara adopted?* How long has this been going on?* Does she have a good relationship with the parents?* What are Claras sleeping and eating patterns?* How are the parents handling Claras tantrums?* How is Claras relationship with her teacher at her preschool? * How does Clara interact with her classmates?2- I would use a few tools for the interview, first id observe how the parents express themselves and interact with clara. I will also observe clara. I will observe pclara while she plays. I would also refer Clara for a medical physical to rule out any physical conditions. 3- The factors I would consider for an effective intervention may be how Clara understands everything that is happening. And an important factor is if the family is willing to undergo family therapy.

4- Axis I- Mental illnessAxis II- Developmental conditionsAxis III- Medical historyAxis IV- Psychosocial problemsAxis V- Global assessment of functioning5- I would rather spend time with the child. I would give her talk therapy, I believe this takes time to understand and diagnose. In order to develop a solid relationship with clara she needs to be able to trust in me. After a few good sessions only then I may be ready to diagnose her if it is nessesarry but id rather not because maybe all clara needs is the talk therapy and her parents might begin to see an improvement in her behavior.

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