How has the closer of Clipstone colliery affected the lives of the local population? Essay

In this essay I will be writing about how the closer of the Clipstone colliery affected the lives of the local population. In this essay I will be writing about the various effects of the colliery opening and closing for example Low Church attendance. Also I will be writing about how Clipstone has evolved with the mine. Then I will be answering various questions for example, reasons why the colliery was located in Clipstone. How the colliery has developed Clipstone and how Clipstone has changed with the coming & going of the colliery. I will then show my answers with in formation gathered from the locals of Clipstone and will also be using mind maps and maps of Clipstone. The actual colliery opened in 1912 but only 2 years later it was closed for 4 years because of the war. It was then reopened in 1919-2004 and was one of the oldest mines in the world when it closed in 2004.

Reasons for the location of clipsotone collieryThere were various reasons why there was a colliery located in clipstone. One of the main reason was that because there was thousands of young men who had just came back from war who needed jobs and because they was in the army this means that they had lots of man power and thought mining was easy compared to being in the war. There were lots more reasons why the colliery was located in clipstone another major reason is that, underneath clipstone estate there was 6,000 acres of coal which means it could be mined for a long time which happened as it was open for 90 years. The coal was also very close to the surface of the clipstone which meant it would be quicker and cheaper to extract the coal from beneath the earth.

More reasons are that there were rail links all over England and it would be very easy to get the coal from Mansfield to Bolsover and then to all the major cities in England for example London Manchester and Birmingham. There were also demands from abroad for coal and because England was one of the main coal suppliers England had to get as much coal as possible so because the coal was easy to transport from clipstone to London and then from the shipping ports in England to a 1/3 of the worlds to countries for example Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.The colliery’s contribution to ClipstoneWhen the colliery was located in clipstone it made a big contribution on clipsotone and had massive effects on the area. It brought positive and negative effects on the area. Some of the more positive effects are that the people who worked in the mines started to get more money so therefore they had more money to spend on leisure (disposable income) so that local businesses have more money so they have more chance to survive and make a tidy profit. Another positive effect is that with more people coming to work in clipstone the area would become bigger and there for get better because if there is more people there is more money and better public places like restaurants, pubs, caf� ect..

.However there were some negative effects for example there was pollution and deforestation in the area because of all the new houses being built.Effects on how clipstone has changed with the coming and going of the collieryIn 1912 when the colliery opened the community sprung to life with happiness. When the colliery was open there were positive and negative effects on the community. Some of the more negative effects are that a lot of the people who worked in the pits got injured and killed and some would die early because of things like dust in there lungs and other infections and diseases. However there were some positive effects which were that the community spirit was very high and the colliery providing lots jobs so the people who worked there had more money to spend on leisure and luxuries (disposable income). They would also make good friends with fellow miners and would be able to by a good house with there wages from the mine. However when the colliery closed that also had positive and negative effects on the community.

Some of the positive effects are the village was a lot quieter and one of the more positive effects are that people found alternative employment and found work in different trades and got retrained and more qualifications. However there were lots of negative effects for example many people could not afford to purchase items they needed and crime increased as many young men found them selves without a job. Another negative effect is that local businesses lost passing trade that came from those working in the colliery so then the local company’s would go bust and have to close down. After the colliery closed a lot of people had to find new jobs a lot of people went back to collage and university to retrain and then went to jobs in service industry such as cinemas, bars, law firms, teaching and other jobs along those lines.Effects on how church attendance has changed with the closure of the collieryWhen Clipstone colliery closed in 2004 it made a massive difference to the church attendance. For example in between the time when the mine was opened and the time between when the colliery closed there was always rather high church attendance but when the colliery closed in 2004 the church attendance suddenly started to go down. This was because people who had lost there jobs had no time to go to church because they were to busy either re qualifying or they were trying to find new jobs. Another reason why the church attendance in clipstone dropped is because the only reason people went to live in clipstone was because of the mines and you could get a decent living off of the mines but when the mine closed down they moved some were else like near London were they could get a decent job.

Another reason is because some people got depressed when they lost there jobs so they spend all there time and money in pubs drinking so they never go to church because they are always in a pub.ConclusionOverall I believe the closure of Clipstone colliery has affected Clipstone in a big way because when the colliery was open there was a lot of work going into clipstone and a lot of people in the area were earning a good living and had a lot of money to spend on leisure and luxuries so all the local businesses were able to make a good living and would not go bust because the people in the area would have a lot of money. However now the colliery has closed a lot of small businesses have gone bust or have debt.

Also now a lot of people have moved away from clipstone to get work and Clipstone is attracting less people because the colliery has closed. However now clipstone is less polluted because the colliery is not letting off Co2 so the air is a lot nicer to breathe around clipstone. So overall I believe that the closure of Clipstone colliery has impacted Clipstone in a bad way.


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