Cold, that was the only word that I could think of as I entered the mine Essay

Cold, that was the only word that I could think of as I entered the mine.

Even though the tour guide descriptively explained about the abandoned mine something caught my eye within one of the tunnels. I couldn’t help myself; I soon entered the unknown. Within the space of 5 minutes I could no longer see the group so I had no choice but to carry on walking. Darkness soon surrounded me and it was cold very cold, I could now see that this a big mistakeEvery few minutes I would hear something that sounded like the tour guide I called out “HELP HELP ME” but there was no answer just silence. This was turning out to be one of the worst tours ever.

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Since I was 12 I have been on many different tours from museum tours to world tours. It was my mum who forced me to go but once I went I realised how much I enjoyed them. I have always wanted to go on the abandoned mine tour but never had the money, when I finally saved up the money I imagined it would be a dream come true but it has turned out otherwise.In the distance a faint light lit up, I started to hurry towards the light as I was running towards the light I didn’t realise where I was going. It was soon apparent I was deep in the mine and lost.

I then, thought how could I communicate with the outside world. Then I thought my mobile. I quickly rushed for my pocket and frantically fumbled around trying to get it out when I eventually got the mobile out of my pocket to my surprise there was no signal.

How could this night get any worse! I looked around me but all I could see was black pitch black. I had no choice but to carry on walking deeper into the mine hopefully to find a way out.As I was walking all I could think of was how am I going to get out of here and I hope nothing else goes wrong like a cave in.

The next thing I knew there was a load crash as something fell from the ceiling I didn’t know what or where it was as it was as it was so dark. I carried on walking thinking to my self when suddenly my toe stubbed something hard and I stumbled over, and hit my head on the floor the room started to spin then nothing.I don’t know how long I was out for but the sound of clanking metal woke me up.

In agony I slowly rose from the ground cradling my head. To the sight of hundreds of miners. An old man with grey hair and a long beard stood nearest to me, he was bending over, picking up his pickaxe. I walked over to speak to him, as I was confused about where I was and what had happened.”Shouldn’t you be working” he asked me with a confused look on his face,”Where are we” I spat out?”We are at Manchester mine surely you should know that as you are the boss, is everything ok sir?” He said to me as if I was crazy, Maybe I am.”I’m not the boss I’m just a lost tourist I fell, hit my head, any way never mind about that what year is it by the way” I asked him as he looked weirdly at me,”1905″ he said.

“IT can’t be it’s 2005, I just fell over and knocked myself out” As I looked around I could see a map on the wall,”Do you know the way out?” I asked”You’re really lost aint you, do you want me to show you the way out?” The miner asked. I obviously agreed as I was starting to draw attention to myself”Can you make it quick though”?”Ok it’s right this way, let’s go” said the minerAs we walked I was just thinking to myself about what had happened it seemed like ages before we spoke again I was exhausted,”Are we nearly there” He asked him gasping for breath”Yeah, it’s just round this corner” he replied quietly chuckling to him self. Every now and then I would have to speed up to keep up with him so I wouldn’t get lost again. The stench of sweat like rotting meat swept through the tunnels of the mine, which made it even harder to breathe.We carried on walking for what seemed ages and the smell slowly started to get stronger, I carried on walking though I was holding my nose then I noticed objects on the floor as I got closer I noticed what they were,”DEAD BODIES” I cried in shock he looked at me as if it was a normal thing to see. It was weird because a lot of them looked like the miners I had just seen at the top of the mine. Something clicked and I realised they must be ghosts, suddenly my head started spinning again as questions started rushing through my head like, what’s going on, is the miner I’ve been walking with for the past hour a ghost, and how the hell am I going to get out of here. Then black.

The next thing I knew I could here the tour guides voice in my ear,”Here you are we’ve been looking for you for ages, you all right we have heard noises, coming from in the mine, it sounded like you were being tortured” stumbling his words out.I thought to myself did I see someone or am I going crazy. I finally said to myself I cant tell, I have to keep this to myself. If I don’t this mine will be closed down and down will get the chance to see what ive seen.”No I’m all right I just stumbled a few time on the rocks” I muttered.Oh well all I know is I’m getting out of here…


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